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Why can't coffee made from a mocha pot be called mocha? How do you make mocha coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/02/29, "Mocha" is a "permanent resident" in Qianjie articles. It is often seen in coffee history, coffee utensils, or coffee making, and there are three things most often mentioned: the "mocha pot" as a coffee utensil, the "mocha coffee beans" as beans, and, today's popular Italian style.

"Mocha" is a "permanent resident" in Qianjie articles. It is often seen in coffee history, coffee utensils, or coffee making, and there are three things most often mentioned: the "mocha pot" as a coffee utensil, the "mocha beans" as beans, and, today's popular Italian product Mocha Coffee.

This can not help arousing people's curiosity, why do they all have the word Mocha, and what is the relationship between them? Can the coffee made from the mocha pot be called mocha? So today, Qianjie will share how these "mocha series" relate to each other.

As mentioned earlier, they all revolve around the word "mocha", which is easy to associate literally. For example, the instrument for extracting mocha beans is the mocha pot, and the coffee extracted from the mocha bean / mocha pot is mocha coffee. Obviously, it's just a facade.

The word actually comes from the port of Mocha, a port city in Yemen. For more than 300 years since the 15th century, it has been a very important port, and its status is similar to that of Shanghai Port today. Almost all the goods in the world that need to be transported by sea need to pass through the port. So, in the beginning, "MOCHA" was a place name.

Mocha coffee beans one of the most famous items in the transport trade of Mocha Port is coffee beans! But you should know that Mocha does not grow coffee beans (Mocha Port, not Yemen), but the coffee beans exported through the Port of Mocha have been sent to European countries because of their strong chocolate flavor. European aristocrats fall and indulge in it. But at that time, people did not know where the coffee beans came from, only that they were exported through the port of Mocha, so people in European countries called the coffee beans shipped from the port of Mocha "mocha coffee".

After the coffee beans become popular, coffee beans exported through the port of Mocha will be printed with the word "MOCHA" to prove that they are regular coffee beans exported from the port of Mocha. So, at this time, when it comes to the word Mocha, people think more of coffee beans than Mocha Port.

Mocha coffee began in the 18th century, the world swept the Italian wave! European countries began to set up their own coffee plantations, and trade no longer needed to be exported from the port of Mocha, which completely lost its monopoly on the coffee world. Then decades later, when the Ottoman Empire occupied Yemen, exports of mocha beans declined dramatically, making it difficult for Europeans to drink mocha coffee with a strong chocolate flavor.

At that time, the status of mocha coffee beans in people's hearts was like the rosy summer in people's hearts today. It was delicious, but it was hard to get a bean because it was rare. Therefore, in the era when Italian style was popular, people used chocolate sauce to imitate the chocolate flavor of mocha beans, creating what we know today as mocha coffee. Therefore, mocha coffee at this time no longer refers to coffee beans, but chocolate-flavored espresso.

Mocha pot "Moka Express", it is neither from mocha, nor is it an appliance used to make chocolate-flavored coffee, let alone an extraction prop for mocha coffee beans. It is the product of Italy's Alfonso Alfonso Bialetti, using inspiration from the washing machine. Therefore, we are reasonable, it is different from the above related to Mocha, except that the name has the word Mocha, it has nothing to do with Mocha!

In the past, the washing machine had a metal tube, which used to suck up the detergent at the bottom by heating and sprinkle it on the clothes. Alfonso Biloti was inspired by this function and invented a mocha pot that uses pressure extraction to get coffee quickly in 1933. It spreads extremely quickly because people no longer need to get coffee from coffee shop coffee machines that are as stressful as 9bar. They only need to use this small and convenient mocha pot to make their own coffee similar to Italian coffee machines at home.

As for why the mocha pot is named "mocha pot", the most common explanation is that the first coffee beans received by people in Venice came from the export of mocha. The word mocha on the sack makes people think that coffee (in this case, coffee beans) comes from mocha, so mocha became locally synonymous with coffee, a hook that some people thought until the 20th century. So, the English mocha pot is "Moka Express", Moka (mocha) = coffee, Express= fast, together it means to get coffee quickly.

You can call the coffee made by the mocha pot coffee, after all, it is made by the mocha pot. But what it makes is not mocha coffee, because mocha coffee used to refer to chocolate-flavored coffee beans exported by mocha, but now mocha coffee refers to chocolate-flavored milk coffee made by the fusion of Italian coffee maker and chocolate sauce. Therefore, the concepts of these "mochas" are not quite the same, and friends still need to make it clear.


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