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Catch up with the homework of the whole network! Coffee Christmas tree has only 0 times and countless times!

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Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently there is a strange phenomenon ah, many coffee lovers are "in a hurry for homework"? It turns out that in December, seeing Christmas getting closer and closer, many people pay close attention to making all kinds of Christmas decorations with coffee beans, especially Christmas trees. Why does everyone drive?

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There's a strange phenomenon recently, a lot of coffee lovers are "catching up on homework"? It turned out that into December, looking at Christmas getting closer and closer, many people seize the coffee beans to make a variety of Christmas decorations, especially Christmas trees.

Why is everyone chasing the coffee bean Christmas tree? In the end, because it has many benefits! Without spending too much time and money, a small "coffee tree" can not only consume a wave of expired beans, but also easily create a Christmas atmosphere. It can be placed at home, in shops and cars, and can also have the effect of removing odor. Ho! Three birds with one stone, who wouldn't be tempted!

More importantly, it doesn't seem difficult to handcraft such a beautiful little decoration! There have been many coffee bean Christmas tree tutorials on the Internet, from basic style to advanced style to king fried style, all categories have everything, you can choose.

Not content with making their own, smart coffee shop owners have found business opportunities-providing coffee beans, tools and manual guidance to guests, transforming the coffee shop into a large handmade workshop. Everyone has a can of coffee beans. If it's not enough, there's a big basin next door. Open it!

Coffee beans Christmas tree has more than one form, in the results of everyone's efforts to live, a variety of "coffee trees" were born.

Either it's minimalist style_all say the road is simple, the Christmas tree shape is declared complete as soon as it comes out, plus at most an elegant "pigtail," which is simple, labor-saving and beautiful!

Either it's very windy-every coffee bean is carefully arranged, with bells, fur balls, stars and red bows, tied with festive red and green ribbons, and if you add light bands, when you turn on the lights at night, it's full of Christmas atmosphere.

Either put some thought into the raw coffee beans-or use raw beans directly to build a veritable "green tree," Christmas is to match red and green; or dark and light baked beans match each other, clear shape, distinct layers.

Or make coffee beans into other categories: bells, wreaths, mobile phone pendants... And "coffee tree" together, form a Christmas four-piece set, only you can not think of, no coffee bean players can not do!

Some people put their best effort into shape, while others "roll up" on the shape track. Either we don't, or we make a giant coffee bean Christmas tree. There are trees that cost more than 20,000 beans and are 80 centimeters high, and then there are giant giant Christmas trees that are still "catching up with homework." Those who see them have a share. People passing by hurry to help paste them, otherwise they won't catch up!

There is also "coffee friend" said, hand-made Christmas tree will be addictive, the end of a tree indicates the beginning of the next tree! A famous person once said: Coffee bean Christmas tree only 0 times and countless times! Vo Zikishod

In this regard, there are always people eager to try, with personal practice to prove that the famous saying is wrong, there are 0.5 times! Look at this thin bean, this is comparable to cobweb glue, hand broken party really hammered. Netizens roared: "Is this coffee bean Christmas tree necessary?" "It's my last dignity to retreat. I'd better make coffee.

It seems that this small tree looks very difficult, but in fact it is not simple at all! However, these beautiful things tickle people's hearts. If it's not simple, you have to try it. Chong!!

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