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You never know how many aids it takes to make a cup of coffee.

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop believes that when you surf the Internet, you will occasionally brush with some coffee-related functional appliances. First of all, they tend to have photogenic appearance, and secondly, they will be touted as "necessary artifacts", "extraction assistance", "sharing of good things" or "practical and inexpensive".

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I believe that when you surf the Internet, you will occasionally brush some coffee-related functional appliances. First of all, they tend to have photogenic appearance, and then they will boast related words such as "necessary artifacts", "extraction assistance", "sharing of good things" or "practical and inexpensive", and claim to save space in recommended copywriting. Cleanliness, sorting, etc., so that many players are moved, rub the ground secretly to join the shopping cart. Finally, it was found that there was another "beautiful trash" in the family.

As an old saying goes, if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen its tools. So, can you make coffee? have you ever thought about such a question? How many utensils does it take to make a good cup of coffee? Is it true that the more complete the equipment and the more professional the equipment, the more delicious the coffee will be?

Today, let's take an inventory of which stationery these friends have spent their "wronged money" on.

1. After the powder bowl cleaning brush espresso is extracted, after knocking off pressed powder, there will be some residue left at the bottom of the powder bowl that needs to be cleaned. Some people wipe directly with a cloth, some people rinse with water, and some people think of using a brush to clean. For example, the bomber this powder bowl cleaning brush, nylon material so that the bristles are not easy to deform, round balls are also more suitable for the powder bowl. However, after buckling pressed powder, the bottom of the bowl is sometimes in a semi-wet state, then the function of the brush appears to be very chicken rib.

Comment in a word: why don't you wipe it with a cloth?

two。 Handle automatic cleaner cleaning handle is a sanitary link that every barista will strictly observe, there are generally upside-down tapping, dry cloth wiping, washing drying and other ways, which will not only produce noise, waste water, but also time-consuming. As a result, the designer developed this handle cleaner to save tedious steps, no need to wash, but also intelligent and efficient.

In a word comment: can we be a little more lazy?

3. Coffee bowl storage rack in the kitchen, mothers will be equipped with a rice bowl storage rack; and at the bar, coffee makers will also be equipped with a powder bowl storage rack. Unfortunately, we have only a handful of powder bowls.

In a word, it's not too late to store a few more noodle bowls before placing an order.

4. At the end of the daily shift, we need to change into a blind bowl to clean the coffee machine. Because the jam is tight, the most common way is to use one powder bowl to pry open another, but some designers think that this may have an impact on the shape of the powder bowl. So invented this pry powder bowl artifact, easily pried, easy to take off.

A word comment: it's good to buy and open beer!

5. Coffee handle electronic scale bracket in order to confirm the amount of powder, baristas usually put coffee powder on the electronic scale after using the handle to weigh it. at this time, some people noticed that the handle was very small, but it was easy to be unstable, and the coffee powder was sprinkled as soon as it slipped. As a result, this handle electronic scale auxiliary bracket was born.

In a word comment: anti-skid pad also seems to solve this problem!

6. Machines such as hang-ear automatic brewers claim that "office artifacts" can not only liberate the hands of workers, but also evenly inject the target amount of water into the powder layer of hanging-ear coffee bags, so as to achieve the effect of uniform extraction. Oh, by the way, remember to inject water by yourself.

One-sentence comment: wait, why are we drinking earbags?

7. The designer of stainless steel small bean warehouse is mainly aimed at the family coffee with less cups, because there are too few coffee particles in the bean warehouse, it is difficult to form a certain pressure, and it is easy to jump beans and grind. Using this small bean warehouse, you can first call the bean and then grind it, which is not affected by the pressure of the bean quantity.

Comment in a word: after reading the price, it seems that there is no need for it.

8. Filter paper press every hand punch party knows that the fit of filter paper and filter cup has a big or small effect on extraction, so when wetting filter paper, they will wash the paper carefully and keep it close to the filter cup as far as possible. In order to match the straight filter cup, a brand has launched a paper press, which needs to be used with special round filter paper, which can make the filter cup fit with the cup wall completely and prevent the hot water from running down along the edge.

Comment in a word: really know how to play!

In addition to the styles listed above, there are many auxiliary devices used in coffee making, such as hand racks, ear racks, etc., whether they are practical or not depends on the buyers themselves. After all, without considering the price, it is not impossible to add all these beautiful little things to the shopping cart.

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