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Subsidies have "miserable" coffee chains.

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop as the weather gets colder, there seem to be more posts about the transfer of Coffee stores on social platforms after November. In the transfer of shops, there is no lack of some monthly net profit of more than 10,000 yuan. According to the transfer information of a netizen in Shenzhen, the transferred store is one.

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As the weather turns colder, more posts seem to have been transferred to Coffee stores on social platforms after November.

In the transfer of shops, there is no lack of some monthly net profit of more than 10,000 yuan. According to the transfer information of a netizen in Shenzhen, the transferred store is a hosted mode cache store with a monthly rent of 25500 yuan. Even in the off-season working days, the cup output can reach 450 cups, and it can double on weekends in the peak season, with an additional subsidy of 3.5 yuan per cup. The shopkeeper also said that the average monthly net profit of the store is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. It seems very attractive, but the transfer fee as high as 680000 yuan still persuaded many people to retire. If it is calculated on the basis of a net profit of 30,000 yuan per month, it will take about 23 months, nearly two years, to get the capital back. Such a long cycle, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be some stumbling in the process, a little careless may not be able to get back to the capital, time, money and painstaking efforts are all wasted.

If this doesn't work, we will move on to the next one. On the one hand, there will be a steady stream of transfer posts, while on the other, people who want to take over Kudi and get a piece of the pie will leave messages everywhere: "how much do I want to charge?" How can I get in touch? Kudi Coffee is like a fence, there are always people who want to go out and people who want to come in. The reason why you want to join Coffee Coffee is simple: easy to open, low cost and strong subsidy. Compared with other emerging tea brands, Cudy's early investment is enough to be close to the people. Because there is no franchise fee, there is a lower requirement for store area. Compared with the investment of as much as one million yuan in many tea shops, Cudy can be regarded as a "small business." Kudi official investment cost table of individual stores can be seen, at least about 200000 can open a store. In order to attract joint businessmen to join, Kudi also launched a series of subsidy policies. For example, all orders less than 9.50 yuan are settled at 9.50 yuan; the distance between the location and Lucky is 1.50 yuan within 100m, 1 yuan for 150m, 0.50 yuan for 200m, 0.5 yuan for more than one shop, and the maximum subsidy for rent exceeding 15000 yuan is 2.50 yuan. Under the complicated subsidy rules, the final settlement price of each store can be 4.5 yuan less than the subsidy alone. The subsidy policy has attracted a large number of co-operators to join Kudi. Public data show that as of October 2023, the number of Kudi stores had exceeded 6000. According to several media reports, on the occasion of Cuddy's first anniversary, Coffee Coffee doubled its original goal of "10,000 stores in three years" and put forward a strategic goal of 20,000 stores worldwide by 2025. However, while Kudi is growing, most of the co-operators gradually realize: "help Kudi hit the market, Wangding is not rich." High subsidy also means high cost and high competition. Finally, it is reflected in the increase of the minimum fixed sunrise cup quantity. A shopkeeper once shared a formula: corresponding to fixed sunrise cup quantity = monthly fixed expenditure / average single cup gross profit / 30 days. Without considering the return cycle, you can make a profit as long as the daily cup output is greater than the corresponding fixed sunrise cup. But for Kudi's affiliates, this is an overly complex calculation problem. In order to quickly accumulate brand sound, Cudy chose to fight a price war with Ruixing as soon as he appeared, reducing the price of the product from 9.9 yuan to 8.8 yuan. In many platforms, you can buy more than 7 yuan, or even more than 4 yuan of coupons. A number of Kudi coffee operators said that the raw material cost of Kudi coffee is relatively high, and the gross profit of a single cup of coffee is about 45% 50%. After deducting rent, labor and other costs, there is not much profit space for the joint business. Some affiliated stores are constantly exploring the edge of profit-loss hedging and have to take some of their profits out of their profits and give them to Cuddy every month as service fees. According to the bonus rule, the service charge will be charged in a certain proportion according to the store's operating gross profit. Based on 20,000 yuan, there is no service charge for less than 20,000 yuan, 10% for 20,000-30,000 yuan, 15% for 30,000-40,000 yuan, 25% for 40,000-80,000 yuan, and 30% for more than 80,000 yuan. Some netizens said bluntly: "see clearly, Cudy's real customer is not consumers but joint business, the real business model is not to sell coffee, but to make joint business money in the name of selling coffee." What about the subsidy policy that initially attracted joint business operators to join the Bureau? At present, joint ventures that join before December 31 this year can enjoy subsidies until the end of 2024, while those who join after that date will not. In addition, a Kudi investment manager said that at present, the policy only involves a settlement subsidy of 9.5 yuan, and other subsidies have not yet been documented. Will there be more "transfer of Cuddy" or "seeking to transfer Kudi" on social platforms in the future? No one can tell.

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