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Xi Cha was interviewed, "speechless Bodhisattva" off the shelf!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop drama reversal! The "Foxi Tea" series, which has only been on the shelves for a few days, has been forced off the shelves? On November 28, Xi Tea and Jingdezhen Chinese Ceramic Museum jointly named tea latte and peripheral packaging were launched, and solemn Bodhisattva and Luohan appeared in Xi.

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The drama reverses! The "Foxi Tea" series, which has only been on the shelves for a few days, has been forced off the shelves?

On November 28, Xi Tea and Jingdezhen Chinese Ceramic Museum jointly named tea latte and peripheral packaging, solemn Bodhisattva and Luohan appeared on the cup of Xi Tea. As the first "tea latte" product launched by Xi Tea, the "Foxi" series has aroused strong interest from both the "Milk Tea Party" and the "Coffee Party", and sales are very good on the first day on the market. Less than a morning after the last visit, the stores with a large number of customers have shown that the packages around "Foxi" have been sold out, and the "speechless Bodhisattva" cup is directly "sold out."

Many netizens can't help feeling that Buddha also wants to come out to work. "Buddha mercy" becomes "holding the Buddha holding the cup" in a twinkling of an eye. After drinking milk tea, you can also put the cup body in the workstation and put your hands together, and then say, "it doesn't matter, when necessary, the Bodhisattva will bless me." it is simply asking for Buddha at zero cost, the effect of silence is doubled, and the joint topic is full.

While "Foxi" became popular on the Internet, some consumers raised a lot of doubts: "how did this joint name discuss with the Bodhisattva?" call or send Wechat, is it an e-mail? "" what to do with the finished cup? throw the trash can? it's always good to be disrespectful to the Buddha statue. "

There are also netizens who think that there is no need to rise too much, it is just a pattern, and there is no need to rise to religious belief. "I can't even play games these days, it's too serious!" However, all playing tricks should be moderate and must be within the limits permitted by law, netizens popular science said: our country already has laws prohibiting the use of religious statues for commercial operations. "whenever you brush the edge with religion, you are more taboo." you can change the copywriting and don't have anything to do with the Buddha. "

According to, the regulations on the Administration of religious Affairs, some opinions on the further Control of the commercialization of Buddhism and Taoism (Guozongfa (2017) 88), and measures for the Administration of Internet religious Information Services clearly stipulate that commercial propaganda in the name of religion is prohibited.

The staff of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of ethnic and religious Affairs said that after discussion and study by the Minzong department and the market supervision department, Xicha actually played a "fringe ball". "now we can only interview them, and the interview is also one of the legal means." moreover, their company is also very cooperative and has a good attitude of admitting mistakes. They sent us a rectification report on Friday night, and all of them were removed from the shelves on December 3.

Browsing the happy tea order Mini Program found that the "Foxi Tea" series has been removed from the shelves, with an additional product called "Lao Cong Tea Latte". The profile says that it is the first tea latte of Xi Tea, and the cup body has also been replaced with the cup body of another product. It is suspected that "Foxi Tea" has changed its name.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei, the customer service of Xi Tea responded to the removal by saying: "it will comprehensively consider the cycle of beverage raw materials and evaluate the adjustment of Anpai tea on and off the shelves" and recommended another series of tea lattes. However, the customer service did not directly answer the question of whether the product was removed from the shelves because of the outer packaging problem.

In addition, according to the enterprise search APP, "Foxi" has been applied for trademark registration by many parties, including an information technology company in Beijing, a natural person Hou, and an international classification including catering, accommodation, jewelry, watches and clocks. At present, these trademarks have been rejected and are in an invalid state.

Happy tea as a joint demon, there are often joint activities out of the circle, ushering in wave after wave of consumers, but before this interview event, there are also many joint thunder incidents. For example, he was accused of "fooling around" with Mr. Weimeng and complained about the "milk tea assassin" jointly with the original god, and even the most influential FENDI joint model was questioned because of the poor quality of the cup. fortunately, the above incidents ended in the scope of public opinion and did not cause much disturbance.

And this interview has been raised to the legal level because of sensitive religious issues, which is also a wake-up call for other coffee brands. I am afraid they should be more cautious when conducting joint activities in the future.

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