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What a waste of hands! Lucky beat workers' annual "characteristic" reward

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Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop is coming in winter, how are the hands of baristas? Recently, more than one lucky worker posted his hands on the social platform, saying that his hands were more or less chapped, and some were red and swollen. A lot of coffee

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Winter is coming. How are the baristas' hands?

Recently, more than one lucky worker posted his hands on the social platform, saying that his hands were more or less chapped, and some were red and swollen.

Many baristas send out comparative pictures before and after entering the profession, and their once white and tender hands are now affixed with a band-aid, and the joints are all red and dry, and the blemish here and there hurts. However, this is not without advantages, the good thing is that it is very easy to identify peers-in the crowd, the worst and worst hands must be baristas.

In fact, not only lucky, but also the beverage industry, the service industry, and even various industries have dry hands cracked and injured. Lucky is particularly serious, because Rui Xing has very strict requirements for hand washing. There are netizens' hot comments: lucky barista's life theme seems to be hand washing. It has been washed to the level and elegant demeanor, and it is simply a group of handsome guys and hot girls who can wash their hands best in the country. If you pull one out, you can immediately record a "standard hand washing demonstration" video and type it on the public screen of every kindergarten.

According to an internal staff member, Lucky requires washing hands for more than 20 seconds every hour, changing disinfectant rags every half an hour, washing hands on the hour, washing hands when touching anything, shoveling ice, loading cream guns, etc., washing hands before wearing gloves, washing a lot of things and soaking in disinfectant water every day. "in addition to soaking in water every day." It is said that the standard of hand washing is also one of the assessment items certified by Lucky barists. if there is a substandard in the process of hand washing, it will be returned.

Unwitting netizens asked: bare hands contact with disinfectant will burn, why not wear gloves? Is it because the company won't let you? In fact, Luckin Coffee did not impose restrictions on employees wearing gloves, but because gloves are easy to enter the water and affect the speed of making single gloves, partners generally have to give up gloves and let their hands come into direct contact with tap water or even disinfectant.

The damage to hands caused by frequent hand washing varies from person to person, big or small, and the degree of tolerance varies. Some people refuse to enter Lucky for fear of bad hands, while others choose to leave. Some time ago, some netizens sent an article entitled "about why I quit from rising." It says that one of the most important reasons is that hands really wash and crack. People have to shout: what can I do to save you, my claws? The only way to solve the problem is to resign!

This situation has not been discovered recently. every winter, Lucky's staff complain about a wave of "coffee payers." In this regard, there are many enthusiastic peer tips, such as body lotion, hand cream and olive oil can be mixed evenly on the hands, wearing disposable gloves, equivalent to making a few more hand masks, can reduce some injuries and pain.

After being distressed, some netizens said that they were successful in reverse Amway. "although I feel a little sorry, but I feel at ease to drink lucky" and "thanks to Lucky employees for using their hands in exchange for delicious and clean coffee." Well, of course, the "sanitary ceiling of the industry" is not blown, it is changed by workers!

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