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Come in and learn! Manner tin foil is packed and rolled up!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop enters December, the temperature is getting lower and lower, friends who often order coffee takeout add another worry: the hot coffee is always cold, neither hot nor cold, so I have to drink a cup of room temperature coffee. Of course, if guests have needs, they have to find ways to meet them.

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In December, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and friends who often order coffee takeout add another worry: the hot coffee is always cold, neither hot nor cold, so I have to drink a cup of normal temperature coffee, which is very uncomfortable.

Of course, customers have to find a way to meet their needs, and many coffee shops have done everything they can to enable takeout customers to get a cup of warm coffee. Recently, netizens found that, hey, it is cold and dressed, how can even the coffee cup put on a layer of silver clothes? It turned out that it was the Manner barista who wrapped the takeout cups of hot coffee in tin foil one by one to achieve the effect of heat preservation. "ordering a cup of coffee worth 10 yuan made me feel like God all morning."

Many netizens said that the biggest feeling of getting the "Manner tin foil cup" was surprise, with a hint of humor: the contrast between the simple coffee packing box on one side and the tin foil that was too approachable on the other. In order to distinguish which cup is which, the customers who order coffee collectively have to manually take off their coats one by one, which is very cute!

Tin foil packaging is eye-catching, netizens commented: "apart from barbecue, there seems to be only Manner."cooling down, Manner sent 6 cups of roasted sweet potatoes!" Needless to say, it also feels like a kiln chicken. I seem to smell it when I see the picture. Greedy!

After paying attention to the appearance, what netizens are most concerned about is the thermal insulation effect of tin foil. It's not empty, is it? No! Tried consumer feedback, the effect is too good, even a little too good: as soon as you open the tin foil, it is really hot inside, but also have to use physical cooling. "it's still hot. I can't drink it. I turned on the fan."

In fact, this is not the first year that Manner has come up with the tin foil packing method, which was launched last year. Some netizens speculated that because Manner takeout is not equipped with insulation bags, even the "departure box" sent in large quantities does not have the function to retain temperature, if not this "bad policy", in every cold winter, it is difficult to compete with other brands with insulation bags, then I am afraid it will be a cold winter for Manner. Ooh, it looks like a thin piece of tin foil, shoulder heavy responsibility, protect the customer's coffee, warm but the customer's heart!

Then again, is it "formalism" or necessary for Manner to strengthen thermal insulation? Can't you cool the coffee to room temperature? This involves a little knowledge of drinking coffee: the temperature of the drink affects people's perception of acidity and bitterness. As the temperature decreases (room temperature), the perception of these two tastes will be more obvious, that is, the sour and bitter taste of hot coffee will be less obvious, while hot coffee will feel more sour and bitter when it is cooled to near room temperature. in this way, the feeling of experience is definitely not as good as when it is hot. From this point of view, this operation of Manner is still very scientific, plus points!

And Manner this "detail control" has also left a deep impression on many consumers and won a lot of repeat customers. "I ordered a hot drink that day, and I was badly poked by this heart when it arrived! because of this intention, I ordered another drink today."

No matter from the appearance, or from the function, Manner this wave of "tin foil kill" is really winning!

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