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It's all Italian concentrated with milk. What's the difference between Dirty and an iced latte? What's the difference?

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Last Updated: 2024/02/29, For a long time, Dirty and iced latte are often mistaken for the same coffee product, because they are made in much the same way. for most people, an iced latte is just an extra step to add ice. If you remove the ice, isn't it Dirty? It seems to make sense.

For a long time, Dirty and iced latte are often mistaken for the same coffee product, because they are made in much the same way. for most people, an iced latte is just an extra step to add ice. If you remove the ice, isn't it Dirty?

It makes sense! The appearance and practice all look the same ~ but in fact, the ideas and drinking experiences that both sides want to express are different!

Latte still remember the "how to do Hot Dirty" some time ago? In this article, Qianjie mentioned: with the exception of Dirty, most espresso was hot at the beginning of its birth. Including lattes.

Latte "Latte", which originally means milk in Italian. But apart from Italy, it is synonymous with milk coffee! After the Italian machine was invented, the Italians opened coffee shops in the United States. However, the light taste of Americans can not drink the heavy taste of espresso. So the Italians add a lot of hot milk to the espresso to reduce the concentration and name it "Coffee Latte" Milk Coffee.

After Milk Coffee spread widely, in order to make it easier to read, local people called it "Latte". At this point, the latte continued to spread outside Italy and gradually became synonymous with milk coffee. Then, with the popularity of espresso, in order to give customers more choices, merchants have introduced the option of latte ice.

DirtyDirty was born in a small coffee shop in Tokyo, Japan. The coffee shop is called "Bear Pond Espresso". Its main product is espresso. Its inventor and owner, Mr. Seiyuki Tanaka, wanted to make people feel the taste of espresso better, so the practice of using density difference to separate milk from concentrate came into being, and Dirty came into being.

Therefore, from the invention ideas of the two products, we can see that what they want to express and embody is completely different: latte is to make ordinary people better accept espresso through milk, while Dirty wants to make it more concentrated and independent, in sharp contrast to milk!

The difference in making lattes is very simple. For example, the front street is to pour 100g ice cubes and 170ml iced milk into a prepared container, then use 20g beans to extract 40ml espresso for 30 seconds, and finally pour the concentrate directly on top of the milk!

Dirty will be more particular, for example, most coffee shops (including Qianjie) will put the cup in the refrigerator in advance to refrigerate, and then take it out when it needs to be made, so that it will have a better drinking experience.

When making, we add 150ml iced milk directly to the refrigerated cup, no ice, and then use the same parameters to make espresso. When extracting and concentrating, we need to put the iced milk infinitely close to the outlet under the boiling head, so as to reduce the impact of the concentration, so that the hot concentration and ice milk can better form a stratification effect. When the concentration and extraction is finished, the Dirty will be finished!

The difference in appearance, but in many cases, the ice latte will not sink directly into the bottom of the cup because of adding too much ice, but float on top of the milk like the concentration in the top layer of Dirty, creating layering, making it look like there is no difference between the two.

So in terms of material and appearance, Dirty can be regarded as a special "iced latte"! But in terms of taste, lattes are lattes and Dirty are Dirty. The two are completely different!

The difference in experience Dirty's brightly colored appearance is not only a visual effect, but also has a completely different temperature feeling! It does not need to be stirred, it is directly concentrated in a large mouthful and drunk with milk, each mouthful will produce a completely different experience.

The first sip tends to drink a lot of espresso and a small amount of milk. Concentrated warm and fragrant flavor will dominate, followed by a small amount of milk cool and sweet, these two completely different effects will bloom in the mouth, do not disturb each other. By the second bite, the amount of concentration will be much less, and the fusion area of concentrate and milk will be increased. Therefore, we will drink more milk! As a result, the taste of milk began to increase, and the feeling changed from distinct levels to milk-flavored coffee. By the third bite, the amount of concentrate has been very small, so you can feel more coffee-flavored milk in this mouthful!

As for the iced latte, although there is a chance of stratification after production, because it is concentrated in other containers and then poured into the milk, the huge impact will make the concentrated heat be completely released and absorbed by the ice milk, even if you drink it directly, you can't drink hot and cold stratification. Therefore, we need to stir it so that the taste of milk and coffee is fully integrated to form a balanced latte!


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