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Italian, hand-brewed coffee is too bitter. Can it be reduced by adding sugar or ice?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, Sometimes we can taste a distinct bitterness in coffee. These bitter tastes generally come from two directions: one is the extraction time is too long, or extraction strength is too strong, resulting in excessive extraction bitter taste; one is due to too deep baking produced by burnt bitter taste! Two different levels of bitterness have very different feelings, but

Sometimes we can get obvious bitterness in our coffee. These bitterness generally come from two directions: one is the bitterness caused by too long or too strong extraction, and the other is the bitter taste caused by deep baking!

The two different levels of bitterness have very different feelings, but it is a very unfriendly thing for people who can't bear it (whisper: such as Qianjie)! Therefore, under the premise of not wasting, we need to change its bitter taste! Make it a more acceptable cup of coffee. The traditional way must be to add a lot of sugar to it, and the more unique way is to add salt! Both are good ways to improve the bitterness. Therefore, the theme of our article today is: sugar or salt, which can better improve the bitterness of coffee! But before that, let's review the source of bitterness!

The source of bitterness when the extraction strength is too strong, it will produce an exquisite bitter taste! Too high water temperature, too fine grinding, and too long extraction time will be the "criminal suspects" of the extraction incident! They all allow us to extract large amounts of caffeine from coffee and chlorogenic acid lactone, both of which are the main sources of bitterness.

In addition to over-extraction, there is also the bitterness created by baking too deeply! During the roasting process of coffee beans, the substances in the body will decompose and polymerize countless times. The deeper the baking, the more obvious the bitter taste.

Why can sugar and salt improve the bitterness? When we eat / drink a bitter food, we don't feel the bitter taste directly! Instead, let the taste buds first release calcium ions, convey the signal of "bitterness" to the brain, and activate receptors that perceive bitterness, which makes us feel bitter. So in many cases, bitterness is the taste that is perceived at last in the course of eating.

The addition of salt will block the signal transmission of bitterness and reduce our perception of bitterness. On the other hand, sugar depends on the quantity to reduce the proportion of bitterness. Both of them can create a situation in which the bitterness disappears, but generally speaking, it only increases the perception of other flavors, we perceive more other flavors, and the bitterness is naturally ignored! After knowing the principle, let's start to compare. See which will improve the bitterness of coffee better, sugar or salt!

Compared with the above mentioned, bitter coffee can be obtained in two forms: superfluous or deep-roasted. So... I want everything on the front street! Isn't it more bitter to make a pot of extractive coffee with deep-baked beans? Come on, get the parameters! Use beans: Sumatra gold Manning use gram weight: 15g grinding scale: Ek43 10 scale (usually 11 scale) powder water ratio: 1:15 water temperature: 92 °C (usually 88 °C) cooking method: three-stage use filter cup: Kono put the parameters up, but please do not imitate, because this parameter will lead to over-extraction! So, let's start cooking, because it's a negative case, so we won't repeat the process!

The brewing time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and the total coffee liquid obtained is 200ml. We divided it equally into four parts, each 50ml. One cup with the right amount of salt water, one cup with the right amount of sugar, compare with the taste of these two cups, and the rest of the superextract coffee without anything will be randomly rewarded to friends to drink.

In the experimental article "how much salt should be added to improve the bitterness of coffee", because the daily edible salt is so fine and salty that it is difficult to estimate. So Qianjie mixes salt and water at a ratio of 20% into a solution with a fixed salt concentration, so that the data of salt can be better measured, and finally come to the conclusion that the salt water of 2ml can perfectly improve the 50ml bitter coffee. So, in the first cup we will add 2ml's salt water!

And the sugar particles are bright, we can easily control its weight, so just add the sugar! After measurement, without destroying the taste balance, Qianjie can use 1g white granulated sugar to reduce the bitterness of super coffee. The two cups are ready, and then we'll taste them separately!

The bitter perception of this cup of coffee with salt decreased significantly, the taste was balanced, and increased a certain alcohol thickness, on the whole, it is a cup of salty and sweet-based coffee with a weak bitter feeling. It tastes better than before, and this cup of coffee with sugar does not reduce the perception of bitterness, but suppresses it by quantity, reducing the proportion of bitterness in the whole cup of coffee, so it tastes both sweet and bitter. If you add more sugar, then sweetness will dominate, and the whole cup of coffee will lose its flavor and become sugar water similar to Banlangen.

So, we can conclude that if you want to experience chic feelings, salt may be more suitable for you than sugar. If you just want to finish this cup of coffee and get a little caffeine! So, it would be better to lose more sugar.


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