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It's gone forever! Nostalgic for the era of Starbucks handwriting Cup

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "Hello, I'm Azure Dragon left and right White Tiger, is my coffee ready?" Friends who often buy coffee at Starbucks must be very familiar with this scene, this is not a joke between friends, but at the Starbucks table to the password scene. Except for this.

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"Hello, I'm the left Azure Dragon and the right White Tiger. Is my coffee ready?"

Friends who often buy coffee at Starbucks must be very familiar with this scene, this is not a joke between friends, but at the Starbucks table to the password scene. In addition to these straightforward password words, there are many "write literature and art, read shame" code. Imagine shouting your name in a noisy environment: "I am! more romantic!"

With more and more complaints about the meal password, some netizens gradually realized that now Starbucks doesn't write down its name on the cup and then call Mr. x / Ms. x to pick up the meal. Recently, a netizen asked in a post: is it possible for Starbucks to restore cup writing? "I miss ordering coffee with a blessing or a small picture. Even if it is a smiling face, I will feel better when I see it."

Not only do customers feel this way, but even Starbucks employees themselves have this feeling: "in the past, we used to focus on a sense of atmosphere and ritual, but now we only know how to sell cards, moon cakes, sell all kinds of food, and so on."

Roughly speaking, handwriting cups became popular a few years ago, when a variety of graffiti styles could be seen on Starbucks cups.

The simplest is handwritten address. Add a smiley face or portrait graffiti after the last name with a black marker. This cup is the unique cup in the world and is more exclusive than imprinting it on the label without emotion.

A little more advanced is the handwritten blessing. Or a simple four-character idiom, or a long motivational sentence, very warm.

If you meet a versatile partner, then even more awesome, various styles of painting directly presented, which is not a cup of drink ah, this is clearly a work of art.

However, the handwriting cup has not only such a good side, but also brings a lot of trouble to customers and employees at the same time.

For ordinary consumers, not every customer can accept others to write and draw on their own cup noodles. Some people think that handwriting is not hygienic and clean, and can not accept that their palms come into contact with the handwriting of markers, while others have suffered from parodies of handwriting, saying that their cups have been written with uncivilized words by their so-called Starbucks partners and have a very poor sense of experience. Others shared their experience of being misspelled once. The surname "Feng" was written as "Huang", and handwriting could not guarantee the accuracy of writing like stickers, thus causing unpleasant feelings.

For Starbucks employees, lovely patterns or warm-hearted sentences drawn out of good intentions may lead to inexplicable complaints. Some customers can not get to the fun of handwriting cups, they will think that other people's scribbling on their own cups is "nonsense", complain angrily, and their good intentions are extinguished by a basin of cold water. "people complain that they invade customers' privacy, but then they don't do much". "the last time I wrote was yin and yang, leaving my bar and saying that I doodled." As a result, many Starbucks baristas only write on regular customers or cups with special statements.

Another important reason is that there are not enough people in the store, and a person wants to grow four arms to work, so he doesn't have time to write by hand. A Starbucks clerk cited the number of people in his store as an example. The store controls the number of people who go to work in each shift, ordering drinks one by one, and adding at most one person to do other superfluous things. "there is a serious shortage of manpower, the enrollment rate is higher than the turnover rate, the efficiency is not ceremonial, the staff is too busy to have time for the ceremony every day."

It is said that after Starbucks launched the "Kaikai" service, new partners no longer need to be trained in handwriting knowledge. "now it's rare to write abbreviations, mostly with a sticker. Maybe the new employees don't know what pops up on the poss machine." The era of Starbucks handwriting Cup may really be over.

Although it is much less human, I have to admit that "leaving a tag by hand" is undoubtedly the safest choice for Starbucks in terms of efficiency, satisfaction and standardization. If you think about it like this, you can figure it out.

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