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How many ways are implied in the leak-proof packaging of coffee takeout?

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With the gradual maturity of the takeout market, whether at home, at work, or outdoors, riders will deliver coffee to us as long as we open the takeout platform to order when we want to drink coffee. Takeout packaging is a very important part of the whole process from merchant serving to rider delivery. The most basic function is to ensure that food can be delivered completely from stores to customers. In addition, takeout packaging is also related to dining efficiency, consumer experience, improving the value of the brand and other benefits.

Recently, many netizens found that there is a small hole in the seal of the hot drink, which makes people think of the hidden danger of food safety or the problem of material processing. In fact, this is the vents deliberately arranged by the store, in order to prevent the hot drink from inflating and causing the drink to burst. Such a small problem is related to the guest's sense of experience, but in the daily production, the coffee shop should pay attention to more than one detail.

"spill" should be the most common problem in takeout. Many people want to enjoy a cup of coffee, but they don't think that the coffee they get has leaked a lot, the coffee liquid seeps from the bag to the outside of the bag, and the bag is broken. Not only can not drink a complete cup of coffee, but also wipe it clean, clean up the mess, many consumers have negative feelings, ask for a refund, and even write bad reviews to the coffee shop.

Some riders pursue speed when delivering food and do not pay attention to stationarity. In order to avoid customer complaints and bad reviews, the store can only remedy it from its own. Some coffee shops choose to pack special leak-proof paper cups and matching lids, put another piece of leak-proof paper on the edge of the cup before closing the lid, and some even wrap a layer of cling film on the outside of the wrapped cup, or seal the cup with many seals. Although this approach is not foolproof, it can reduce a lot of "spills and leaks".

In addition to spilling and leakage, "heat preservation" is also a difficult problem. In the cold winter, the hot coffee ordered will often turn into normal temperature coffee. Now most of the take-out coffee on the market is packed in paper bags, which has little heat preservation effect. In order to enable guests to drink hot coffee, coffee shops will use thermos or wrap cup after cup of coffee tightly in tin foil.

Compared with insulation bags, tin foil is cheaper, it can not only keep heat, but also prevent leakage to a certain extent. Leak prevention and heat preservation measures are in place, which can indeed win the praise of customers in winter, and guests can easily share coffee on social networking sites, which is another good opportunity for businesses to have a good reputation.

In terms of cold drinks, businesses are considering the problem that melting ice leads to the overall weakening of coffee, and many coffee shops choose to pack coffee separately. A latte can be divided into Italian concentrate, ice cubes and milk, in three cups, as well as in the United States. Some guests think that such excessive packaging is not only not environmentally friendly, but also too troublesome to drink, but there are still many consumers who like it, feeling that it reduces the changes in taste caused by distance, and that the preparation actions made before drinking also have a kind of "ritual feeling". Sweet and fun.

For businesses, this kind of packaging will take a lot of time and additional cost, but in order to ensure the taste of coffee delivered to customers as far as possible, so that customers can have a better experience, or will provide "sub-packaging" service. In addition, some businesses in the choice of cold drink cup is also very meticulous, in order to avoid scratching guests, will choose a more round edge of the packing cup.

In case of rainy days, coffee will also be packed with "raincoat bags" to prevent the original paper bags from being damaged by water and causing coffee spills and leaks. If guests order many cups of coffee at once, some merchants will also use custom packing boxes to produce products. Manner's multi-cup take-away coffee packing box was once out of the circle. In our daily life, takeout has become more and more indispensable. Merchants are racking their brains to upgrade, replace the takeout packaging and improve the potential details, which is an important part of improving the customer experience. They turn the takeout packaging into a "mobile" advertisement that can serve the product itself. Not only do the publicity, but also improve the possibility of repurchase.

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