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Is it getting worse and hotter? Is the coffee tastier in the ruins?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop dim lights, exposed steel bars, incomplete wall skins and faded cement floors, do you think this is an uninhabited demolition site? No, this is in a long line of customers in the coffee shop! Recently, a blogger shared his coffee shop in a foreign country.

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Dim lights, exposed steel bars, incomplete walls and faded cement floors, do you think this is an uninhabited demolition site? No, this is in a long line of customers in the coffee shop!

Recently, a blogger shared the "grand occasion" he saw in a foreign cafe: from the outside, the environment was very ordinary, it seemed to be an ordinary construction site, and there were several bags of cement at the door, but there was a flood of people inside. there are plenty of consumers taking pictures, chatting and drinking coffee.

Missing a wall, missing a window, even the door was smashed. This style full of shabby, primitive, simple and casual, rough and unadorned style has been sought after by the younger generation, and the decoration of cafes is no exception. Such a free and casual style naturally attracts many people to clock in to take photos and send pictures, and this kind of setting is also called "ruins wind" by some people.

Ruins style originated from extremely simple repair style, minimalist decoration from minority to mainstream, mainly from battlefield-style ruins aesthetics and fair-faced concrete design into popularity, on the other hand, the Internet celebrity brand for strange and minority search and pursuit. In recent years, from "industrial style" and "nostalgia" to "demolition wind" to "Syrian war damage wind", the sign-in notes of these old and dilapidated coffee shops have increased unabated in little red books.

It can be seen that the trend pursued by this group of "fashionable" young people is: the more broken, the better, the older, the more fashionable, the more "ruins", the more "fun". But don't think that any wasteland building will open the door. Since the decoration of the house does not need to be gorgeous and expensive, the matching hardware and software must be powerful.

"hardware" refers to the environment and traffic around the cafe. After all, consumers just want to take pictures and sign in in a shop in the shape of ruins. They do not really want to drive a lousy road to an uninhabited uninhabited building. What's the scenery around? Can it be matched with a film? This is the focus of consumers' concern before taking pictures. "Software" refers to the decoration, production and service in the cafe. Is the cake beautiful? The furnishings are not retro? These are all additional items.

In addition, one of the key points of building a dilapidated ruins style cafe is that it should be both "rotten" and "rotten". It wants to look dusty, not really dusty; it wants to look shabby, not really collapse. The tables and chairs in the store are the same. For example, the ruins Wind Cafe should theoretically be equipped with simple and textured desks and chairs, and there is no reason to put red rubber stools in the "ruins". It is even less possible for guests to sit on the ground-even though that is in line with the real "ruins".

In the final analysis, what people pursue is the extreme contrast: a dilapidated environment, with simple tables and chairs, prosperous green plants and exquisite coffee and afternoon tea. And all the existence of breaking the contrast will turn the fake ruins into real ruins, which will lose the value of clocking in and taking pictures.

Then again, in the eyes of most people, this deliberately created ruins is not a well-decorated "hair embryo room"? Is this the legendary "ruins aesthetics"? (scratching the head

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