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The coffee industry is facing labor shortage because of a large number of national immigrants in Honduras.

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, According to a recent report released by private institutions in Honduras, due to national corruption, institutional destruction, and the COVID-19 epidemic, the economic growth rate in Honduras has slowed down, coupled with the superimposed effects of disaster factors such as hurricanes. The poverty rate in Honduras has climbed to an extreme level, and a large number of export processing enterprises have suffered a sharp drop in foreign trade orders.

According to a recent report released by Honduran civil society, Honduras 'poverty rate has risen to extreme levels due to corruption, institutional destruction, a decline in economic growth caused by the new crown epidemic, coupled with the combined impact of hurricanes and other disaster factors. A large number of export processing enterprises have gone bankrupt due to a sharp drop in foreign trade orders. More than 100,000 jobs have been evaporated, and a large number of unemployed workers have chosen to emigrate overseas to make a living. With the increase in the number of immigrants, coffee and other crops exported serious temporary labor shortages, and the shortage of human capital became increasingly prominent.

According to figures released by Honduras 'social protection sentence (IHSS), between June last year and June this year, several export processing plants in Choloma, Villanueva, El Progreso and San Manuel in northern Honduras alone went bankrupt, losing more than 20,000 jobs. And thousands of Hondurans have emigrated to the United States in search of employment, but most of them are in informal jobs without access to basic social protection. José Luis Baquedano, a labor leader, said that this trend should not be allowed to continue and that the government should introduce policies to encourage domestic and foreign companies to expand investment in Honduras and create more jobs.

In addition to unemployment, the current judicial, economic and public security crisis is spreading throughout Honduras, exacerbating the difficult situation of the Honduran population. As a result, many people choose to emigrate. According to data released by the Honduran Foundation Migration Observatory, at least 200,000 Hondurans are expected to emigrate by the end of this year. Many people have embarked on the migration path mainly because of violence, poverty and lack of employment opportunities.

In Honduras, coffee is harvested between November and April, so coffee growers in several parts of Honduras are concerned about the labor shortage they face during the coffee picking season.

One coffee grower said the coffee picking season is here, but because so much of the workforce has emigrated, it is difficult to hire skilled pickers, which could have a serious impact on the coffee harvest.

However, there is also good news recently. The Honduran government announced early that the first containers containing organic coffee beans exported by Honduras to China have arrived in Shanghai, and at present, 12 Honduran coffee enterprises have obtained export authorization to China. Coffee beans are Honduras 'first products exported directly to China. With the opening of the Chinese market, there will be more opportunities in the future, which is also very important for Honduras' economic recovery.

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