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Coffee machine extract out of the fat is too thin what is going on?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Coffee machine in the extraction of concentrated time, the exudation of oil process has been a healing sight. Especially after seeing the thick golden foam after receiving it, the flower pulling party was not to mention how happy they were. But if one day you find that the extracted oil is scarce, thin, or even non-existent, then the problem is very possible.

When the coffee machine is extracted and concentrated, the exudation process of oil has always been a healing scene. Especially after seeing the thick golden foam, not to mention how happy the party is.

But if one day you find that the extracted oil is rare, thin, or even none, then the problem is likely to appear in these aspects!

First, coffee beans are not fresh when coffee beans are not fresh, the amount of carbon dioxide in the body is not enough to "support" the rich fat! There are two reasons why it is not fresh: one is that it takes too long to bake and exceeds the best taste period. Generally speaking, Italian coffee beans will have a taste period of 60 days. After this period of time, the aroma, flavor and carbon dioxide have been lost almost. If you use it for extraction, then the oil obtained is naturally relatively thin!

The other is the storage problem! Even if your beans are in the taste period, if they are not properly preserved, the coffee beans will speed up their exhaust response if they leak lids and seals so that they are heavily exposed to the air. Just one night is enough to turn fragrant coffee beans into tasteless beans.

Therefore, we'd better observe the baking time of beans when buying them, and then store them properly. In this way, the situation of waste and overturning can be greatly reduced.

Pressure regulation of coffee machine the pressure valves of many household coffee machines are just like the one used on the front street, which can be touched by raising your hand. Although it is very convenient, it is easy to touch it accidentally, which leads to a problem with the production of the next cup.

So if the concentrated oil is too thin, might as well check the pressure valve to see if it is in the correct pressure value to reduce the error. (usually in 9~10bar)

Third, grinding is too coarse, the amount of powder is too little, or the amount of powder is much less than the standard of the powder bowl, these are the two best confirmed cases! When you press the extraction and see the coffee liquid rushing down, it means that there is something wrong with one of these two parameters (or both), causing the gap through which the water can flow too large, or the channel effect.

The coffee extracted from these two cases is light in color, thin in fat and very light in taste. We'd better take the reference gram weight of the powder bowl as the standard. For grinding too rough, we can take the extraction time of 20 seconds as a benchmark! For a long time, the powder of espresso is twice as heavy as the default powder. Adhering to this principle, see if the extraction time is less than 20 seconds, if so, it means that the grinding is not rough enough, the gap through which the water can pass is too large, and the extraction time is naturally short, so you need to readjust the grinding!

Fourth, the water temperature is too low in the extraction, if the water temperature does not reach the extraction demand of 90 °C, the oil will be too thin. Of course, it will also be like grinding too coarse, the final espresso will be insufficient extraction!

Generally speaking, the lack of water temperature will occur in the preheating stage when the machine is just turned on. The temperature of the water at that time will not be very accurate. Therefore, Qianjie did not begin the concentrated extraction until 20 minutes after the machine was turned on.

The roasting of beans is too shallow because the quality of light-roasted coffee beans is harder and requires higher extraction intensity than deep-roasted beans. Therefore, if you apply the extraction parameters of deep-baked beans to shallow baked beans, it is very easy to "concentrate spatter".

Therefore, the shallow baked beans still need to be blended to the corresponding parameters! And even if the parameters are accurate, its oil will not be as rich and thick as that of deep-baked beans. After all, it already has less carbon dioxide.


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