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Piye coffee powder destroys the flower, netizen: this is very anti-aesthetic!

Published: 2024-02-21 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/02/21, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, a wave of netizens collectively posted their sign-in photos of cheese molecules or lattes ordered in Peet's Coffee Coffee. Interestingly, although the patterns of these coffees are not consistent, they all seem to be in

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Recently, a wave of netizens posted a sign-in photo of the cheese molecule Aobai or latte they ordered in Peet's Coffee coffee. Interestingly, although the patterns of these coffees are not consistent, they all seem to be in a state of defoaming, which led many passers-by to guess the reason in the comment area.

In fact, the cheese molecule series is not a new product of Piye Coffee recently. It went on sale as early as February of the year, and now the reason for this wave of netizens coming to the store like an appointment is mainly because of an entertainer: sun Jian.

The artist, who is called "Internet friend" by many netizens, often "recommends" good things on his personal account. Recently, in his video release, he gave everyone Amway's cheese molecule Australian white coffee. There are not only two types of coffee beans with different roasting degrees to choose from, but also specially remind everyone to use a mug when ordering, so it feels better to drink.

In this way, the wind of "punching Sun Jian with coffee" swept through. The series of cheese molecules designated to use the cup of tea took advantage of the opportunity to catch fire, and these two types of coffee were almost identical under the topic of the brand. Among them, there are not many friends who take the coffee flower as the head picture, under their filter, they want to fill both the saturation and contrast, but at the same time, the rough surface of the coffee is also particularly clear.

We can observe that, unlike the smooth and delicate foam pursued by everyone, these milk coffees are first of all a very dry liquid surface, slightly sunken, surrounded by small bubbles, and the pattern previously made by baristas is no longer clear. It's kind of like a mosaic. Such a less appetizing appearance, so that many netizens can only use "indescribable" to describe.

So why is coffee in this state? In view of the problem of the collapse and dissipation of milk bubbles, many netizens who have the experience of homemade coffee have also taken the initiative to join the unrewarded guessing camp. Some people think that it is because the barista's milk foam is not good enough that the flowers are so "pulled down". Others think that the milk is too hot or too thick, while more people think that the coffee has been ready for too long.

However, these are not the real reasons for the rapid disintegration and dissipation of milk bubbles, and it was not until Piye barista appeared to correct his name that he knew that the real culprit was cheese. According to the official Wechat account of Piye Coffee, the cheese series adds cheese milk to the base and finally sprinkles a thin layer of cheese powder on the coffee to provide a stronger cheese flavor.

If you order an ice drink, the cheese powder will not be found with stirring, and whether it is the cheese molecule Aobai, which is titled "Sun Jian with the same style", or the same series of mug lattes are solid hot milk coffee, that is, they must not be stirred and tasted in the end. and retain a good-looking flower pattern on it. As a result, no matter how dense the barista's milk bubbles are and how well the embossing techniques are, after a large amount of cheese powder is sprinkled, the fragile milk bubbles can hardly support the weight of the particles, resulting in a lingering or dense bubble on the surface.

After understanding the operation of this cheese molecule hot milk cafe, netizens can only say, "this design is absolutely anti-aesthetic"!

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