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Maybe that's why the community coffee shop exists.

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Last Updated: 2024/02/21, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in recent years, as many people return to their hometown from big cities with the idea of opening a shop, more and more approachable coffee shops have opened into the community and infiltrated into people's daily life. I don't know in everyone's impression, the ideal community coffee shop is long.

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In recent years, as many people return to their hometown from big cities with the idea of opening a shop, more and more approachable coffee shops have opened into the community and infiltrated into everyone's daily life. I wonder what the ideal community coffee shop looks like in your impression.

When a community store makes people have the idea of going to a second time, then it is no longer just a must-check-in location on the Internet, but a good store that is really kept in mind. This kind of community store may walk the dog under the residential building in the alley, at the corner of the street, or at the entrance to the market. And most of them do not have high-profile decoration, the space is not large, and the menu is also very conventional.

Looking at the whole market, there are many such small shops, which are very common, but if you live in the eyes of nearby neighborhoods, it can exist in a variety of senses: a place for people to study quietly, a breakfast shop that must be visited on weekdays, a space for friends to sit down on weekends, and so on. At this moment, compared with the gorgeous flavor of beans or the exquisite delicacy of the beans, it may be the barista's sentence "what would you like to drink today" that surrounds these "neighborhood fans"?

When it comes to the significance of the existence of coffee shops, one owner shared several heart-warming stories that recently happened in his community store:

1. A guest who used to come to the store almost every day to report but did not show up recently suddenly sent a message explaining that he did not come to buy coffee because he was injured and hospitalized and would come back after recovery. In order to express his gratitude for being remembered and loved, the boss also sent a small gift from the store.

two。 A "super vip guest", who has always provided support since the trial business, uses the word "safe haven" to describe this community store, which she can usually sit down, so that she can have a chance to catch her breath and relax during her work break.

3. An uncle, who would push his old mother to the store every day to buy a hot American style, specially came one morning to tell them the news that they were going back to Hong Kong. Because he was not in Guangzhou for a short time, he could not come to help him. Finally, he even said he was sorry.

In the view of the owner who shares the story, the meaning of the existence of coffee shops may be mutual companionship and the invisible power of mutual support. Providing guests with a good cup of coffee to start a happy day, providing a happy afternoon for a couple of friends, and providing indispensable companionship to guests who come every day are all more than the value of a cup of coffee.

Compared with the cafes located in pedestrian streets, urban shopping malls and scenic spots, community cafes mainly serve the surrounding residents and increase the repurchase rate through the accumulation of word-of-mouth through their daily consumption, so as to make a profit. Around the special scene of the community, the core of the community coffee shop is to provide nearby residents with places to rest, gather and work through the warm and comfortable environment and cordial greetings. Because of this, every community store with a name in the hearts of customers has more meaning of its existence.

Obviously, such a human story is by no means alone. It may also take place in countless community cafes, healing the neighborhoods who interact with each other and warming the shops who strive to make every cup of coffee. The English Cafe of a cafe, which originally means "Community Access For Everyone", is a place where people feel and connect.

As a colleague said, a community coffee shop should be a spiritual guidepost for neighborhood friends.

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