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Creativity specially adjusts the new job: smoky coffee!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, there is a new way to play in the coffee market-- smoky creative coffee. After a three-piece set of drinks was served, the barista did not mix them, but first "added ingredients" to the black tea. Then the smoke began to rise out of control

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Recently, there is a new way to play in the coffee market-smoky creative coffee.

After a three-piece set of drinks was served, the barista did not mix them, but first "added ingredients" to the black tea. Then the smoke began to rise uncontrollably, and clumps of foam spilled out, accompanied by a "poof" sound, much like a train chimney in the process.

Then, the pot of black tea is lifted around the mouth of another goblet, allowing the gas to slowly slip into the drink, and you can begin to taste it. Before leaving the venue, the barista also kindly reminded that when drinking, if "out of breath" can be added at any time, so that the effect of puffing lasts longer, and the ritual feeling of drinking is even more full.

It is not difficult to see that the barista in the video adds dry ice, and the smoke is the physical reaction of dry ice to tea. It is said that this is not only to create visual effects, but also to use the smoke to bring out the smell of hot tea to provide extra aroma of black tea and make the whole cup of special coffee taste more layered. For the specific flavor of the drink, please take a personal test. )

The search found that the composition and structure of this kind of smoky creative coffee is very similar, with the special coffee liquid mixed with fruit juice and flavor syrup as the main body, and the tea after dry ice as the auxiliary role to introduce, mainly to provide tea flavor. In the "smoking" section, the difference is whether to pour the tea into a container with dry ice, or to add dry ice to the teapot.

It is understood that in the early days, the person who applied dry ice to creative coffee was Dwan Chan, a Hong Kong barista who won two consecutive Hong Kong baristas competitions. The blending Amber Coffee Brewery that he created and researched is added Earl Grey Tea incense through dry ice gas, which attracts a lot of coffee lovers with its unique selling point.

In fact, dry ice is used to freeze coffee beans more often than to create a foggy effect or add flavor at the time of production, and freezing and grinding coffee beans is a way to make the powder more uniform. At present, the common freezing and grinding methods for coffee are dry ice freezing (- 79 ℃) and liquid nitrogen freezing (- 196 ℃).

After dry ice or liquid nitrogen freezing, coffee beans become more brittle as they are cooled. After grinding, the surface area of coffee particles becomes larger, the proportion of very fine powder increases, and flavor substances are more easily extracted. The products of "penalty Station Coffee" introduced by the workshop before are frozen in liquid nitrogen and then extracted, which is also a way to improve the aroma and sweetness of coffee.

In addition, hand players also came up with an alternative way of using dry ice instead of ice in the extraction process to maximize the natural cooling of coffee while keeping the concentration from being diluted and diluted by ice cubes, thus pursuing the fuller taste of iced coffee. As the coffee drops into the pot, the atomized dry ice floats out of the kettle, bringing the visual effect of the whole brewing process to the extreme.

Perhaps some of these creative coffee with dry ice are just gimmicks designed to provide consumers with more visual effects and make the coffee more film. But it is inevitable that some baristas sincerely pursue innovation and make use of modern technology to make coffee present a richer level of expression.

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