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Foreign students return to the end of employment: make coffee!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop found it? Recently, there is a "strange" phenomenon that breaks people's long-held belief that a barista who looks ordinary should be a graduate of a prestigious university or even a "returnee" who has studied abroad for many years. Taking off Kong Yiji's long gown, the intellectuals one after another

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Did you find out? Recently, there is a "strange" phenomenon that breaks people's long-held belief that a barista who looks ordinary should be a graduate of a prestigious university or even a "returnee" who has studied abroad for many years. Taking off Kong Yiji's gown, the intellectuals put on the overalls of baristas one after another. Recently, some netizens posted a post entitled "the current situation of overseas students returning to work", which mentioned that he and his boyfriend are both "studying abroad" and are now working as baristas at Starbucks. The post also wrote: "I would like to call Starbucks the first stop for foreign students to return to work."

In response to all the calls, under the comments area, many "left children" showed up, saying that they did work part-time or full-time at Starbucks after returning home. The United States, Britain, Australia... For a moment, the comment area seems to be incarnated into a map of the world, and all countries "stay with their children" to the same destination. What? Is it even the baristas' degree now? Another netizen joked: "I have one year's working experience in a milk tea shop. Will the starting salary be higher when I return home?" In fact, this is not only the case with Starbucks. Judging from the degree of feedback from netizens, many practitioners are highly educated professionals in other majors who have changed their careers from laymen to the beverage industry, such as design, nursing, kindergarten teachers, and so on. In the beverage industry, the coffee industry is the majority, especially the chain coffee brands represented by Starbucks and Lucky. This is not only a cup of ordinary drink, it is a cup of coffee full of knowledge!

Why do the top students who have returned from studying abroad prefer the coffee industry? First of all, the objective reasons of the industry, the threshold of these chain coffee brands is generally not too high. Especially for coffee chains such as Lucky and Starbucks, becoming a barista does not require too much experience, even rookies, it doesn't matter, everything can start from scratch.

Part-time job requirements of Starbucks and Ruixing full-time job requirements in the recruitment software

The second is the common characteristics of "staying children". Rather than making money seriously, they may pursue a "sense of experience" when they choose to work part-time as baristas. Some people will think that there is a huge contrast between "working in a coffee shop to make coffee" and "studying abroad with high academic qualifications", but they do not know that it is precisely this kind of "sense of contradiction" they are pursuing. It is precisely because it is different from their usual life that it makes the coffee part-time job more attractive, so they want to have a good experience. Compared with other 9-to-5 jobs, baristas are easier to work part-time. As netizens say, as a temporary worker in a coffee shop, you can work as much as you like. You can go if you want, or have a rest if you don't want to go.

In addition, although it takes a lot of physical energy to stand up for a long time, part-time baristas can definitely be said to be very simple and relaxed, blowing air-conditioners and smelling coffee, the main thing is not tired physically and mentally. In the process of talking and contacting with customers, guests will also bring a lot of mental satisfaction. Experienced netizens said: "customers are much easier to serve than Party A!" everyone smiles and says thank you after taking coffee! coffee is much better than copywriting. You can make a good drink in a minute or two. You don't have to revise it over and over again, and it only takes a minute or two to redo it! " Without internal friction, you can escape anxiety and annoyance from reality. In short, chain baristas are well suited as a temporary job transition.

Of course, in the end, there is a very realistic reason. In fact, the real identity of the top students of many chain brands is not barista, but Guan Peisheng, making coffee is only the first step in the rotation.

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