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What is the difference between Nordic and Italian roasts for coffee roasting?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, Before the concept of specialty coffee spread widely, most of the coffee in the world was dominated by dark roast bitterness! With the gradual popularization of the concept of fine coffee in recent years, people gradually realized the beauty of light roast coffee! But know that the gears of history do not turn by themselves, but because

Before the concept of boutique coffee spread widely, most of the world's coffee was dominated by the bitterness of deep baking. With the gradual popularization of the concept of boutique coffee in recent years, people gradually realize the beauty of shallow roasted coffee! But you should know that the gear of history does not rotate by itself, but because of the birth of new forces relative to the old forces, they have the power to promote the gears!

As we say now, Japanese deep baking, Italian deep baking, French deep baking and so on are all terms that describe the degree of baking, but at that time, it was the most mainstream baking thought! Each baking degree corresponds to the country where the baking degree is prevalent, such as Italian = Italy, French = France! Therefore, for the coffee industry at that time, Italy, France and other people who paid attention to deep baking all belonged to the old forces, while those who were relatively young and out of stream at that time were the northern regions of Europe that focused on shallow baking, collectively known as Nordic Europe! Due to the late baptism of coffee in northern Europe, it was not brainwashed by the concept of bitter coffee, so "Nordic baking" was very "rebellious" at that time, and now the very popular baking technique was born!

Although the earliest Nordic baking will be much more shallow than Italian baking, but it will eventually be in the degree of baking, not the shallow baking as we know it (the era when boutiques are not yet popular)! But for people in other countries at that time, it was also a very different degree of baking! At that time, Nordic baking for bean bakers in other countries was such a view: "beans are not cooked, sharp and sour, can you drink?" But in fact, it is only because of technical and cognitive problems that people have such an idea!

Therefore, bean bakers in Nordic countries do not like to use words such as shallow baking or very shallow baking to describe the degree of baking of their beans. The reason is very simple: it is easy to remind people of undercooked, underdeveloped flavor, very sour, full of herbal flavor and other negative conditions! They prefer to call themselves "Nordic Approach", "Scandinavian style" or "Nordic style".

At the beginning, the Nordic baking used the rough baking method of "hot stir-frying" in Europe and the United States, turning the throttle and firepower to the extreme when entering the beans, and turning off the fire when approaching the node of an explosion! The heat emitted by an explosion and the residual temperature accumulated in the furnace are used to complete the subsequent baking process. The advantage is that it is easy to operate, fire and turn off! The disadvantage is that it is easy to have the smell of coke and smoke. Then, with the development of the times, the roasters of a number of well-known cafes in Norway changed their baking ideas: when entering the beans, only the throttle was open, and the firepower was only controlled in a higher temperature range! In addition, it will be gradually reduced with the baking process. This kind of baking idea no longer covers shallow and deep, but is mainly aimed at shallow baking.

In Mr. Han Huaizong's book "the New Edition of Coffee", the experience of shallow roasted coffee in northern Europe is described like this: strong acid will only stay at the entrance for a second, and then disappear instantly, followed by layers of full flower and fruit flavors. it is like swallowing a "fruit bomb", and the sweetness caused by pulling saliva on both sides of the tongue is like triggering this "bomb" in the mouth, and colorful flavors burst out! It is completely different from the very shallow roasted coffee, which is only dead and bitter, dull and inactive, sour and difficult to taste. Yes, it's the kind of shallow coffee we feel right now!

It is this flavor that deeply attracts people, which promotes the gear of history, and the dynasty of deep roasting and sovereign coffee no longer exists, replaced by shallow baking dominated by sour taste! And "Nordic baking", like Italian and French baking, used to belong to the degree of baking popular in some countries, but now it is synonymous with the degree of baking!


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