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Stand by the West Lake and blow a cold wind, and wait in a long line at Blue bottle Hangzhou Station!

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Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop following the two-day joint flash store in Beijing, blue bottle coffee, the originator of boutique coffee, recently made another big move. A gray-and-white coffee truck printed with blue bottle coffee logo drove into Hangzhou and is expected to stay by the West Lake in Hangzhou for three months. On the contrary, Blue bottle Coffee

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Blue bottle Coffee, the ancestor of boutique coffee, recently made another big move after a two-day joint flash store in Beijing, with a gray-and-white coffee truck printed with blue bottle coffee logo driving into Hangzhou and is expected to stay by the West Lake in Hangzhou for three months. In contrast, when Blue bottle Coffee opened a few times before, there was a grand queue at the door. Although there was a long line in front of the Blue bottle Coffee car, which officially opened yesterday, it was no exaggeration. Netizens who clocked in at the scene said that the queuing time was about an hour or so.

Every other day, the blue bottle coffee cart along the street was slightly deserted, and only three or two pedestrians stood in front of the coffee cart bar waiting. Yesterday's queue was like a dream bubble, a flash in the pan. Even at the peak of the flow of people, the time in line for customers to pick up meals is much shorter than that of the same period yesterday.

It is reported that consumers who go to buy coffee on the official opening day of the blue bottle coffee car can receive a limited number of small gifts, and on a relatively free Sunday, coffee lovers have taken the time to put on their overcoats and down jackets and put on plush hats, line up in front of the coffee car in the cold wind on a cloudy day, and hold up their coffee to take a photo with the exquisite retro European ERIBA Touring series 60th anniversary coffee car.

However, according to some consumers who showed up to sign in, the queue for the blue bottle coffee truck was not worth it.

From the limited menu provided by the blue bottle coffee car, we can see that the unit price of its coffee drink is between 28 and 58 yuan, which is not much different from the menu price of the store, and compared with the offline store, the coffee car standing on the street can not provide comfortable seats for the customers present. Everyone can only stand on a chilly rainy day holding a cup of coffee with a per capita 40 + per capita, which is somewhat unacceptable to some coffee lovers who pay attention to cost-effective coffee.

With regard to the flash mode of Blue bottle coffee launched in Hangzhou this time, it seems that local consumers are not going to pay for it. "setting up a broken car to sell this price is not selling coffee, it is robbing money", "this belongs to people who are stupid and have a lot of money," and "Zun du can't sit properly. I'm not willing to pay for it," and "IQ tax on such a long queue in cold weather."

Reviewing the joint flash event held in Beijing before Blue bottle Coffee, the widely discussed "time-limited instant" incident more or less affected its image in the minds of consumers, coupled with the mediocre response of this coffee truck in Hangzhou. Blue bottle coffee flash mode seems to be difficult to achieve the previous Shenzhen flash store good results Consumers also have a problem with the higher pricing of blue bottle coffee pop-up stores and the quality of products that do not match the pricing. In addition, more and more coffee lovers are more rational about the consumption of well-known brands of coffee, which may be one of the reasons why the team in front of Hangzhou Blue bottle Coffee car is not exaggerated.

In addition, it is speculated on the Internet that the launch of the Blue bottle Coffee car in Hangzhou may be to preheat the stores in Hangzhou. However, so far, officials have not disclosed that the blue bottle coffee has landed in Hangzhou, and whether the blue bottle coffee truck parked on the bank of the West Lake can really enter Hangzhou stores in the future will have to wait patiently.

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