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% Arabica room is full of dead leaves, netizens: no one cleans?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "missing the maple leaves falling slowly ~ I lit a candle to warm the autumn at the end of the year ~" every season when the maple leaves are red and falling, people begin to look for the meaning of autumn around them. Although it is now December, many southern regions actually still have autumn colors.

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"the maple leaves falling slowly like yearning ~ I lit a candle to warm the autumn at the end of the year ~"

Every season when the maple leaves are red and falling, people begin to look for the meaning of autumn around them. Although it is now December, many southern areas still have autumn colors. As a businessman, naturally want to create an environment full of autumn flavor, so it is popular to "move autumn into the coffee shop". Have you ever seen the% Arabica of this painting style?

Two days ago, some netizens found that in order to create an autumn atmosphere, every corner of the store was covered with withered and yellow sycamore leaves and arranged intermittent performances of piano, violin and other musical instruments. It is said that the melody is still Jay Chou's "maple", featuring an indoor autumn (at present, the yellow leaves have been all cleaned).

In a large number of chain coffee brands, the impression of% Arabica is always in a minimalist style, with crisp lines and pure white elements as visual elements, and the popular social platform coffee pull with the iconic percent logo, which has attracted countless netizens who pursue film production to take pictures over the years.

But unlike the pure white% Arabica we have seen before, this branch in Tianmu is completely surrounded by dead leaves, and the "fresh" fallen leaves make it full of wild forest atmosphere. Whether on the ground, tables and chairs, stairs, walls, or outdoor sign-in points, there is no place without dry leaves, and even the Christmas tree placed at the door is made of irregular dry leaves. Next to the chair is also equipped with thatch piles, coffee bean sacks as decoration, autumn elements as if through the frequency screen can smell the smell of this withered leaf.

As for the deliberate arrangement of% Arabica, many netizens said that they could not really appreciate the rotten leaves on the ground. On the one hand, they felt unhygienic and could hide bacteria while accumulating ash. If they sprinkled coffee or other food, they might become a gathering place for cockroaches. On the other hand, they were worried that so many leaves were piled up indoors at the same time, and there were certain fire safety risks, which made people have no idea of drinking coffee at all.

When it comes to the autumn atmosphere created by this% Arabica, many netizens even call it "extinction". "who came up with this kind of superior feeling?" , "exquisite soil". Of course, compared to complaining, there are also enthusiastic netizens who give advice on decoration. In fact, they can first spread a layer of leaves on the ground, and then make a transparent glass cover on it, which is much more hygienic than stepping on the leaves directly. There is no such dirty hint, and it also saves the trouble of cleaning up the mess. After all, it is the catering industry, and hygiene still has to come first.

Judging from the relevant notes on the social platform, many hipsters who clock in at the scene like the layout of% Arabica, claiming that they can shoot "autumn blockbusters" easily. Some people open a large aperture to shoot portraits, others focus on the coffee in these fallen leaves, and some people hold the leaves in their hands and throw them into the air and snap them. In addition, because these leaves are real leaves, when you step on them and crush them, you can feel the crisp sound of "click", which is very healing.

As more and more people enter this% Arabica sign-in "artificial autumn", most of the complete leaves on the ground are trampled into debris and kicked everywhere, and the floor that was previously covered by leaves is exposed, and there are coffee paper cups left behind by photos in the broken leaves, which makes it hard not to say: "it's really messy."

In fact, except for the Tianmuli branch,% Arabica has been building maple leaf backgrounds in recent days, and the reason for adding autumn leaf elements so "forcefully" is mainly to promote its upcoming product "maple sugar latte". It's just that the autumn leaves in the Tianmu store are so exaggerated that we only remember this pile of leaves compared to the new products.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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