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A heavier punishment! The cafe has closed in violation of public order and good customs.

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in July this year, the workshop reported that a cafe in Shanghai was operated under the name "Doi Coffee". Because of its indecent name and coffee products, it was suspected of using three vulgar themes for marketing, and was then regulated by the Huangpu District market.

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In July this year, the workshop reported that a cafe in Shanghai, which operates under the name "Doi Coffee", was investigated by the Huangpu District Market Regulatory Bureau after it was suspected of using a three-vulgar theme for marketing because of its name and coffee products.

This afternoon, the store was fined 30,000 yuan by the Shanghai Huangpu District Market Regulatory Administration for selling goods that violated public order and good customs, according to Nine School News. The topic # related to vulgar marketing Doi Cafe was fined 30, 000 # immediately went viral on Weibo, causing a heated discussion.

The cause of punishment shows that in July this year, the party concerned operated under the name "Doi Coffee" in a number of online channels, and its electronic menu included a number of coffee names that were contrary to public order and good customs. Up to the time of the case, the parties concerned sold a total of 170 cups of the above drinks through communication channels, with sales of 2350.41 yuan. The parties concerned have rectified the names of coffee drinks used in violation of public order and good customs.

In view of the fact that the illegal acts of the parties cause a wide range of public opinion on the Internet, cause more serious negative social impact, and there are more serious harmful consequences, the Shanghai Huangpu District Supervision and Administration Bureau decided to punish the parties severely. According to the relevant provisions of the measures for the Supervision and Administration of Network transactions, it was decided to order the party concerned to make corrections and impose a fine of 30,000 yuan.

On December 12, the person in charge of the restaurant told the reporter that the coffee shop continued to open after changing its name and menu, and then closed because of bad business, which is no longer done. When asked whether the fine had been paid, the other party did not respond, but he mentioned that "the store manager did not mention the intention of reconsideration affectionately".

According to the online trading platform, the store registered with the platform in July 2023. On July 26, a netizen commented on the takeout platform: "what kind of atmosphere is this? I don't know who is drinking coffee with such a name."

In response to netizens' questioning about the coffee shop's marketing evaluation with a three-vulgar theme, the store responded that, first of all, the netizen did not go to the store to buy coffee, which was a malicious bad review or peer bad review. Second, only vulgar people will think of vulgar culture. Shanghai is a very inclusive city. "if you feel bad, there is no need to scold everyone, this is a normal culture." After several rounds of conversation, netizens said they had reported to 12345. Subsequently, on various online trading platforms, the coffee shop was removed from the shelves and could not be searched.

In response to this situation, the Huangpu District Market Regulatory Bureau announced on July 28 that "the vulgar marketing of a coffee shop in Shanghai" contained contents contrary to public order and good customs in its trade name. The store is suspected of violating the provisions of Article 11 of the measures for the Supervision and Administration of online transactions to file a case for investigation.

According to media reports, when asked why the name was so named, the person in charge of the cafe responded, "I didn't think so much at that time."

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