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What is the value of drinking hand-made coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop with the popularity of coffee culture, drinking coffee has become a part of our daily life. Some people drink coffee to absorb caffeine, others to pursue the flavor of coffee itself. As a kind of crop, coffee is produced in different varieties and places.

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With the popularity of coffee culture, drinking coffee has become a part of our daily life. Some people drink coffee to absorb caffeine, others to pursue the flavor of coffee itself. Coffee as a kind of crop, different varieties and different places produce different flavors of coffee.

Among all the methods of making coffee, hand-brewed coffee is relatively simple and direct to operate, and it is easier to drink the taste of coffee itself, which is liked by many people. There are also many hand-made coffee shops on the market, which take self-baking or imported roasted beans as the selling point, pay attention to quality control, stable production, and gain the love of many enthusiasts.

However, some coffee shops have been complained by customers. recently, some netizens have posted posts on social platforms to share his unpleasant experience in a hand-made coffee shop, which makes him feel that the current coffee market focuses on quality control while neglecting service and emotional value.

Thousands of people have thousands of mouthfuls, whether the coffee is good or not depends on personal feelings, which is a subjective question. In this respect, the shop owner has no choice but to control the quality. From the point of view of quality control, whether it is self-baking or taking beans from other places, the freshness of coffee beans, the frequency of changing bean lists, the time control of raising beans, and the updating of beans can all reflect the manager's love for coffee and the intention of the store. secondly, relatively consistent production is very important, if the brewing method is unstable, the quality of each cup of coffee delivered to the guest can not be guaranteed. The reason why a coffee shop attracts customers is not only the delicious coffee, but also the atmosphere of the shop, which is why most people like the community coffee shop, because the community shop is usually more human, focusing on sharing and communication. The communication here is not limited to the form of dialogue, but also a smile, a nod, listening carefully, and so on. This "link" between people caused by coffee is wonderful and fascinating. However, some netizens said that some baristas encountered now are very indifferent and disdain to talk to guests. Even when the guests report that the coffee is not good, they all feel that the guests do not understand coffee and will not reflect on improvement, which is very disappointing. Because of this, it makes people feel that "communication" is so rare.

On the other hand, some people think that this is just a bad drink, there is no need to pursue so much emotional value. Everyone has a different understanding of coffee, and the merchant's practice may deviate from the customer's perception. Only through communication can we know the ideas and reasons behind the practice. If you have any request, you can tell the merchant in advance about your favorite flavor. If the merchant doesn't do anything, just avoid the store next time and don't pay too much attention to it.

With the continuous development and spread of coffee, people gradually have higher production requirements and taste ability of coffee, pay attention to the nuances of flavor, the origin and production process of coffee, and pay attention to sharing and communication. In essence, hand-brewed coffee is a product provided in this experience, in the process of coffee development to lead more people to understand coffee, like coffee, to a certain extent, may need to give quality service and experience.

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