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Don't rush, your barista is busy painting Christmas cups!

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ click to follow | the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop is approaching Christmas, baristas from every household have joined the seasonal atmosphere group, coffee beans Christmas trees, Christmas flowers, Christmas hats, new Christmas products, around Christmas... the word "Christmas" is almost pervasive, literally infiltrating into every coffee shop.

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As Christmas approaches, baristas from every household have joined the seasonal atmosphere group one after another, including coffee beans, Christmas trees, Christmas flowers, Christmas hats, new Christmas products, and the surrounding Christmas.... the word "Christmas" is almost pervasive, literally infiltrating inside and outside every coffee shop. Among them, a group of baristas with strong hands-on ability not only painted Christmas patterns on the take-out cups, but also rolled up on the matter of drawing cups.

As the saying goes, life needs a sense of ritual. Adhering to the mentality of "I should have what other people have," many baristas take advantage of not only temporarily putting down the handle, but also picking up paint pens and "following the trend" to show their talents.

At first, everyone was just for fun, choosing a few simple patterns to draw on the take-out cup, doing it carefully, drawing Christmas trees, Christmas hats, socks and so on. After painting, it can be used to decorate the coffee machine, or give it to individual lucky customers who are familiar with each other.

As the graffiti feel slowly came up, I wanted to draw it with my own hands every time I saw a new pattern, and all kinds of combination pictures were in my mind. after I finished the painting, I tried to use different colored pens, and the cups became more and more, packed with coffee machines and bars. "the Christmas cup is too much to stop!" "it's really interesting to draw Christmas cups", "in addition to making Christmas trees, you can draw Christmas coffee cups". It seems that the Christmas hand-painted cup succeeded in making these baristas addicted.

At the same time, when many guests saw these hand-painted cups and said they wanted them, when they asked if they could bring them into production, the answer was naturally no problem. In order to allow their customers to get a "unique" free Christmas surrounding, these baristas have not been idle for a moment, searching the Internet for more style of simple materials and blessings, and then carrying them to paper cups one by one. In this way, the Christmas hand-painted cup is also forced to embark on the assembly line mode of high production.

A pile of paper cups, a pile of colored pens, and a barista started the day's hand-drawing work until the day's KPI was completed. There is also a rare style of painting in some stores: painting while making coffee.

On social platforms, people have posted wave after wave of hand-painted Christmas cups, with all kinds of sketches, and the barista seems a little obsessed: "if you can't finish it, you can't finish it!" "who invented the hand-painted Christmas cup, the boss asked me to draw 100", "the boss said to draw all the time", "it's good, it's a waste hand", "how many can I draw? I can't finish it!"

Question: what are baristas up to this month? Answer: of course I am busy drawing Christmas hand-drawn cups. Question: how many do you want to draw? Answer: not many, only a few hundred.

In this era of popular beauty, even if there is no artistic foundation, as long as there is an ink brush in hand, copying to the model, you can easily draw lively and lovely cartoon sketches on the cup. To specify a pattern to learn, you only need to enter keywords such as "Christmas sketches" on social platforms where young people are dense, and you can choose a variety of quick versions.

It is simple, can satisfy the joy of hand-made, but also save costs, no extra money, but also as a season around the gift to guests, no wonder the wind of this hand-painted Christmas cup swept through the independent coffee circle.

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