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Freak out! Cleanliness addicts can't watch this dirty cup of coffee!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for many people, drinking coffee is an elegant thing. For example, when eating in a coffee shop, you must feel very embarrassed when you accidentally overturn a cup of coffee and spill your clothes all over. But there is one type of coffee that is an exception.

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For many people, drinking coffee is an elegant thing. For example, when you accidentally overturn a cup of coffee and spill your clothes while eating in a coffee shop, you must feel very embarrassed. But there is one type of coffee, which starts with "dirty" and is famous for "dirty", which makes every person who is addicted to cleanliness feel extremely uncomfortable after watching it.

There are two main genres of Dirty coffee on the market. One is to extract Italian concentration directly on the surface of frozen milk, so that the thick golden coffee liquid covers the white milk first, and then sinks along the wall of the cup with gravity, thus having the visual effect of "tarnishing" the milk. Due to the insufficient integration of concentrated and milk, it provides the unique taste of ice and fire for the whole cup of coffee, which is also the mainstream dirty coffee practice in domestic coffee shops.

On the other hand, another kind of dirty coffee pursues "dirty" in the real sense. The maker first fills the cup with coffee, then puts on a delicate layer of cream or cream cover, pours it in front of you, deliberately lets the liquid spill out of the cup and plate, and then sprinkles it with cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, crushed nuts, and so on. Fully create a "dirty" realm from many angles.

If you are an obsessive-compulsive + cleanliness addict, here is a warm reminder that the following may cause "discomfort", because the next dirty coffee has made people feel visually messy from the beginning of the production process, even to the point of insanity.

Coordinate London, England, called "Italian Bear Chocolate" brand is a chocolate business cafe, the family launched a "Triple Chocolate" series of drinks, in addition to the signature mocha, this chocolate combination can also be paired with a variety of coffee, with the impact of the appearance attracted countless chocolate enthusiasts to taste.

Every time someone orders a cup of coffee and then adds a "chocolate trio", you can see the barista pick up a ceramic cup with a plate, move it to three large pots of chocolate of different colors, and then scoop it up one by one and pour it to the edge of the cup, white, milk and black, so that the cup can be fully "bathed" under each kind of chocolate paste. Finally, when the barista puts the cup to the extreme to pick up the hot water and espresso, the specialty coffee will be finished.

I don't know how obsessive-compulsive disorder patients and cleanliness addicts feel after watching this cup of coffee, but to know that an ordinary person in the face of this crazy "dirty coffee" also needs to muster up the courage before seriously thinking about whether to start or talk.

A netizen who has already clocked in described his drinking experience like this: he wanted to take a sip, but when he picked up the ear of the cup, he found that the chocolate paste had successfully glued the bottom of the cup. The American bitterness mixed with chocolate is sticky and greasy, which breaks through the Tianling lid, but it is still rich in taste, but it is too dirty to eat, and the amount of chocolate is really too much to bear. Don't come to the date, because it will be a mouthful!

In this regard, the real cleanliness addict said: from the moment I saw the menu, I was sweating and going crazy! Onlookers speculated: people who drink this cup of coffee should be licking the plate in the end. As for our hard-working baristas, they are curious: how to wash such cups? It's going to block the sewers, right?

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