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"I decided to pack up the coffee shop and sell it, and the cat stayed."

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Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop one sunny morning, sitting in a familiar cafe drinking Australian white made by the boss, suddenly the other party came up to him with a sad look on his face and said, "Today is the last day of business, although I really don't want to give up, but after thinking about it for a long time, I decided to put

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One sunny morning, I was sitting in a familiar cafe drinking the Australian white that the boss had just made, when suddenly the other party came up with a sad look and said, "Today is the last day of business, although I really hate to give up, but I have been thinking about it for a long time." I decided to pack up the coffee shop and take it out for a walk. "

This is a real scene that happened around me recently. every word of the boss revealed his helplessness and regret. I wanted to stay up until the flowers bloomed in the early spring of next year, but now my own cafe didn't even have the last Christmas. If you want to express your regret, you may have to say good-bye to him and the cat seriously.

When it comes to the reasons for his decision to close the door, the other party thinks that it is not all affected by the pressure of the market situation, and that the volume brought about by the influx of capital is an indisputable fact. but a large part of the reason is also from the change in the mentality of running stores: from the initial passion of entrepreneurship to the status quo that has now lost its freedom, the cafe has become a rope that "binds" its own life, focusing almost exclusively on passenger flow and income every day. Finally, even if I didn't make any money, I also lost a lot of opportunities to go out and study.

With the drop in temperature in many parts of the country, there are also numerous posts on the Internet to convey facade transfer through social platforms, and under the topic of "coffee shop transfer", the update frequency of local stores' transfer announcements is increasing day by day.

It is not difficult to find that most of these independent cafes, which are about to close or have been closed, belong to the small shop model that has been operating for 1 to 3 years, and they are all managed by one person. Although they do not have much space, they have all kinds of hardware equipment, business licenses and supply channels for all kinds of operations. if they can find interested successors, they can continue to operate at any time.

Instead of putting the hot moms, EK43, Galileo and Brewista hand pots in the bar, as well as a series of appliances and tools on second-hand platforms for sale one by one, it would be better to pack them up and entrust them to the next receiver. In addition, the store from furnishings, decoration, and then to menus, names are created by their own hands, a table and a chair also have feelings.

Because of this, most bosses prefer to sublet the whole store rather than break up the store and sell the equipment separately. It's not a problem to teach coffee-making skills as long as the other person is willing. As the protagonist in the opening story said, "if someone takes over the store, he can still bring the cat back to have a look and keep some thoughts."

In this vast ocean of "opening a shop", a boss who has also just made a transfer decision summed up the opening experience with this sentence: "it is impulsive at the beginning, but think carefully at the end."

Why is it impulsive? Because this is something I really wanted to do at the beginning, in order to have no regrets, I bravely tried everything I wanted to do right now. So why end it now? Because after a long period of thinking, I found that I can't manage here well with my current experience, and I can't show a more satisfactory effect. Therefore, in order to keep some beauty, I decided to make a tentative decision on this matter.

Although 2023 is not over, this wave of entrepreneurs reveals the reality of an industry: this year's physical restaurants seem to be particularly difficult to do. On the one hand, the consumption power is reduced, the overall passenger flow is reduced; on the other hand, the industry continues to pour in a large number of new entrepreneurs, or the kind that can not be stopped. As a result, even if they see a "prosperous shop transfer" in front of them, many people still choose to "go all the way north" and realize their wish to open a shop before they are willing to give up.

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