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Lucky cat and mouse joint return, net friend: delete it!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Less than ten days before Christmas, various brands began to make full efforts to promote their products. In addition to launching new Christmas products, some brands are also preparing to return their previous Christmas limited drinks, such as Ruixing's Christmas Sweetheart Thick Milk Latte.

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Less than ten days before Christmas, brands began to vigorously promote their products. In addition to launching new Christmas products, some brands are also preparing to return previous Christmas drinks, such as Lucky's Christmas sweetheart latte. Guan Xuan decided to return amid the calls of Swiss fans.

The return was confirmed along with the restricted drinks, along with the joint restrictions of cats and mice that set off a revelry among Swiss fans in October.

It's just that the first-hand source of this news is not Ruixing's official account, but the notes of netizens on the social platform.

According to netizens, the Christmas sweet latte jointly signed by Lucky and cats and mice will be officially launched next Monday (December 18). In addition, the three-piece sets-paper bags, cup covers and stickers-will also be photographed.

Familiar childhood memories are blowing again, and Christmas elements have been added to the design of the joint three-piece set. Netizens are fascinated by the festive holiday packaging, saying in the comment area that "must be rushed." this bag likes too much, "the second wave of cats and mice!" I'm going! " , "all right, I can't keep my wallet!" "I can't walk when I see cats and mice!" It can be said that both netizens and loyal Swiss fans who missed the first wave of co-signatures are ready to take their wallets and rush into a wave as soon as the time is up.

A full set of pre-sale links for Lucky's Christmas have also appeared in the domestic second-hand market, and Ruixing, who has been co-signed with cats and mice for the second time, can't help feeling that Ruixing really knows how to handle netizens' wallets.

Some netizens also said that Lucky's recent activities were too frequent, that the last Christmas blind box metal badge event was not over, and they kept complaining, "Why are my badges still together?" here we go again. " "it's too fast. I haven't collected my badge yet." many people shouted, "I can't finish it even if I can't finish it." and "if I let people live, I threw up last time."

It seems that the news that Rui Xing once again co-signed with the cat is a mixed blessing for netizens, and some netizens predict in advance that they will gain three jin before the Spring Festival.

However, many netizens in the comment area who are suspected to be Ruixing employees are nervous about this wave of propaganda in advance, begging netizens to "come on, delete it," and "Sister, if this thing is not disclosed by the company, the consequences are very serious." what's more, the official name of Aitri Lucky, let Ruixing himself "come and take care of it quickly, I can't stand it."

On the other hand, Rui Xing's previous joint activities with cats and mice also had a scene of deja vu, which made people admire that netizens are really "magical". Information about the launch date and materials of the new event has been widely discussed on social platforms.

In this way, maybe Ruixing's next joint event, Rui fans can also get the relevant news on the social platform first. after all, "omnipotent" netizens can always let the grapevine of the joint event sweep the social platform before the official announcement.

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