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Why is the recent hand-brewed coffee easy to extract insufficient? What's the water temperature?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, Recently, a number of friends who bought beans asked Qianjie in the background of a treasure: "Qianjie Qianjie, is the quality control of your beans a bit wrong recently? Why doesn't the coffee taste as good as before? "Be reasonable. The bean baker already has on his back,'Are the beans too deep?' This pot, another black pot, he

Recently, a number of friends who bought beans asked Qianjie in the background of a treasure: "Qianjie Qianjie, is the quality control of your beans a bit wrong recently? Why doesn't the coffee taste as good as before? "

In fact, the bean baker already carries the question "Are the beans too deep to bake?" He can't bear the blame if he gets another one!

In fact, this is a principle with the recent frequent coffee powder adsorption phenomenon-"weather cooling". I don't know if you still remember, two months ago the street wrote an article about cooling precautions, which roughly described the impact of cooling. So today, we will elaborate in detail why after cooling down, it will have such a big impact on the taste of coffee!

Increase in temperature loss rate After cooling, the temperature loss rate naturally increased greatly. What does the rate of loss of temperature affect the extraction? Yes, it is the hot water we use when brewing, it is not in a continuous state of insulation, at 20 degrees of room temperature, 500ml of hot water will drop temperature at a rate of about 3°C per minute. When we brew a pot of coffee, if we use three stages, then the water temperature has actually dropped to 89°C when we fill it in the third stage.

Now, when the room temperature drops below 10°C, the temperature of hot water drops faster! Compared to the original, 500ml of hot water will drop in temperature at a rate of about 5°C per minute. Therefore, if we apply the original water temperature to brew coffee, then the extraction rate will naturally be lower than before, the extraction rate will be lower, and the flavor will not be so full. Therefore, we can improve the changes caused by lower temperatures in several ways!

I. Preheat the spout. Didn't think of it! The first is not to raise the water temperature ~ before brewing, the spout is in a state of normal temperature, he does not heat himself because of the presence of hot water in the pot. Therefore, before brewing, we can first pour a throw of hot water to preheat it, reducing its impact on the steaming hot water.

Second, increase the water temperature Since it cools so fast, we may wish to increase the water temperature and correct its impact. On the basis of the water temperature used in conventional brewing, an increase of 1~2°C can correct the temperature drop and get the extraction back on track. For example, we used 92°C hot water for brewing, and when the room temperature is low, we can raise it to 93°C!

Third, increase the amount of hot water cooling speed will be affected by the amount of water, the more water, the slower the cooling speed! As we mentioned above, 500ml of hot water at room temperature of 10°C will drop by about 5°C per minute. If its water volume is increased to 700ml, then its temperature will drop by about 3°C per minute. However, it should be noted that the increased amount of water must be controlled under the circumstances of its own strength load.

Fourth, reduce the height of brewing Remember the Matsuya style brewing invented by Mr. Matsushita? That's the way it's cooked with a lid! In addition to this peculiar steaming method, his water injection height is also an amazing part. Because his water injection height is about 20~30cm!

The reason why the height of the water injection should be lengthened is to allow the hot water to contact more air and lower the temperature! What we have to do is to reduce the height of water injection and reduce the cold air that hot water contacts after understanding the principle!

The water temperature we mentioned earlier is the temperature measured before brewing. It will start to cool down the moment it comes out of the pot and contacts the air! The greater the surface area of the water column exposed to air, the more obvious the cooling, so we need to lower the height of water injection a little.

If we are worried that the pressure is too low and the water flow is not enough to have impact force, then we can increase the inclination of the kettle body and correct the reduction of impact force ~

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