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The first batch of "victims" of McDonald's new coffee appeared!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop Christmas Eve, various brands have launched limited coffee drinks related to Christmas elements, McDonald's is no exception, recently launched a new gingerbread oatmeal coffee. To echo the Christmas theme, the surface of this drink is decorated with cocoa powder.

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On Christmas Eve, various brands have launched limited coffee drinks related to Christmas elements, and McDonald's is no exception, recently launched a new gingerbread oatmeal coffee. To echo the Christmas theme, the drink has a gingerbread man decorated with cocoa powder.

The gingerbread man on the surface of the gingerbread oatmeal coffee on the official poster is very interesting, and many netizens are fascinated by his cute appearance. As soon as the new product is online, he immediately places an order and rushes to the store to receive the drink from the waiter. I want to have a friendly meeting with the gingerbread villain.

As a result, netizens quickly posted photos of the drink on social platforms, especially praise for the lovely gingerbread man. But at this time, some netizens mocked themselves as "the first victims of McDonald's new coffee", complaining that their gingerbread oatmeal lattes were "too ugly", attracting netizens with similar experiences to show up one after another. the comment area has become a "victim complaint meeting".

Victim 1 said that the gingerbread man on the liquid before the coffee was lovely and amazing. After a sip, the gingerbread man instantly turned into Voldemort and looked back at himself. Should he respond to "Avada gnawing melon" out of politeness?

There are not a small number of victims in similar situations. Some netizens own the world-famous painting "Scream", while others look at the gingerbread man with an "embarrassing and polite laugh". In the face of the gingerbread man who "finished drinking is tantamount to plastic surgery and facelift", the victim wanted to cry very much, but the onlookers laughed very happily, and the sound of "ha" kept going on in the comment area.

The next victim, No. 2, posted his gingerbread oatmeal coffee, saying bluntly that "the buyer's show and the seller's show are not exactly the same, but have nothing to do with it."

The same experience of netizens is also not a small number, although successfully met with the gingerbread villain, but the gingerbread villain this "beyond recognition" appearance is really unpopular, but some difficult to accept this "picture does not match the real thing" reality.

After listening to the first two complaints, the victim shook his head on the 3rd, saying that what they had experienced was nothing, and that they should be the ones who really wanted to shout that they were "defrauded" by McDonald's. Because the moment the victim got the coffee, he didn't meet the gingerbread man, let alone have it for a while. Looking at the white liquid surface without a trace of cocoa powder after opening the lid, the victim didn't even know it was a cup of gingerbread oatmeal coffee.

Netizens who were similar to the victim showed that they had coffee in their hands. fortunately, there was cocoa powder on the liquid surface of this drink, but on the other hand, "I burned it before I met it." the whole liquid surface was evenly black. I can't see the original gingerbread man at all.

Although several victims have spoken out, there are still netizens who want to own the gingerbread villain. unfortunately, this Christmas drink with gingerbread people is only available at McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong. Maimen believers in the mainland can only watch it on social platforms.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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