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Break two cups in one breath! Starbucks is accused of "touching porcelain"?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory, as a "big cup producer" in the coffee industry, Starbucks launches many new and exquisite cups every year, and the products on the display shelves are so frequent that people can't help joking that the speed of new cups on the star cups is even faster than that of "main" coffee. Off

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As a "big cup producer" in the coffee industry, Starbucks launches many new styles of exquisite cups every year, and the products on the display shelves emerge so frequently that people can't help joking that the speed of new cups is faster than that of "main" coffee. The display of these cups in Starbucks stores has recently attracted complaints and attention.

A few days ago, a netizen posted that "two Starbucks cups were broken in one breath". Ta said he was waiting for coffee at Starbucks when he accidentally ran into a top-heavy accompanying cup and knocked over another glass when he went to pick it up. The accompanying cup was dented and the glass was broken to pieces. In the end, the netizen had to "enjoy" the staff price (30% discount) and like to mention a non-environmentally friendly stainless steel accompanying cup and a non-existent glass.

As for the question of whether the cup needs compensation, many netizens who have experienced a similar situation at Starbucks abroad said that as long as it is not intentionally damaged, it is generally "no compensation", because these stores have insurance and can go through normal wear and tear. If the broken glass products, the shop assistant will also take the initiative to come forward to see if they have been scratched or scared.

However, more netizens think that since the cup is broken, it is right to pay for it or buy it at a discount, but knowing that these coffee cups are fragile, it is unreasonable for Starbucks to place them in a "dangerous zone" near the aisle. It even makes people feel that there is an element of "touching porcelain".

First of all, the display shelves are laid out in the aisles used in the store, and secondly, the booths where the products are placed are low, and the glasses are fragile, even if the clothes are thicker or carry bags. There is a good chance that they will be knocked down and broken if you turn around carelessly. In fact, on the Internet, almost every once in a while, some people complain about being "tricked" and end up with compensation, and some people even buy it at the original price.

From the pictures posted by netizens, we can see that the transparent glass on the ground has been broken into pieces, and the cup was originally placed on the extension stage of the island display shelf, displayed together with other products of the same style. The bracket is stretchable and needs to be pulled out of the cabinet when placed, and the cups are almost on the aisle. Therefore, people feel that Starbucks stores are also responsible for this kind of frequent cup accidents.

It is understood that most Starbucks stores will be equipped with two island display shelves (1 big + 1 small), the large ones are used to display LOT goods in the season, and the small ones are used to display conventional goods. The front part gives priority to the products of the season, according to the color system, while the back is displayed in a pyramid according to the color block.

In response to the question of "intentional display of cups", some Starbucks employees said in person that in order for customers to enter the door and make it easier for everyone to choose, the entrance-oriented location needs to give priority to displaying the new items and sales points of the season. Therefore, customers often encounter the situation of breaking cups, but generally do not force each other to ask for compensation, unless it is the latest model, after all, broken is included in the cost of the store.

The employee added that considering that the cup might be accidentally knocked over, many thoughtful stores would put fragile items on the inside, so there was no suggestion of deliberately letting customers break. The Starbucks cup decoration in the post may be in line with the company's regulations, but it ignores the above details and makes consumers suffer.

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