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If you drink take-out coffee on the spot, you will be charged a meal fee?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for today's people, takeout has become an indispensable part of most people's lives. Many young people rely on takeout for three meals a day. However, today's takeout is not cheap either. Sometimes, in order to save the cost of three meals, customers always place an order before takeout.

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For people nowadays, takeout has become an indispensable part of most people's lives, and many young people rely on takeout for three meals a day, but now takeout is not cheap, sometimes in order to save the cost of three meals. customers will get one or two coupons from various channels before placing an order for takeout so that they can have a satisfactory meal at a lower price.

Sometimes when merchants offer discounts on the takeout platform, some consumers will choose to eat in the restaurant after placing takeout orders, so as to save their dining expenses.

Recently, a netizen picked himself up after ordering a takeout in a coffee shop. seeing that there were not many guests in the shop and the weather was cold that day, he wanted to sit in the store for a while and have a cup of hot latte before leaving. The clerk who noticed the customer's behavior stopped and informed the customer that if he drank the latte in the store, the customer would have to pay extra for the meal.

Customers question why the hot latte they are going to drink is only ordered by their own takeout platform, or the signature latte in the store, not drinking other people's drinks.

The clerk explained: because the price of coffee takeout is not the same as that of eating in a restaurant.

According to the documents posted by the customers themselves, the actual amount paid for takeout is lower than the price of the drinks in the restaurant.

From this point of view, the increase of dining fees proposed by businessmen seems reasonable, but many netizens do not agree with the practice of businessmen and think that the pattern of businesses is smaller.

"it's too bad for regular customers not to be allowed to sit in the middle of the winter when they are not full of orders." in the Japanese and Korean way, right? the price of dining and packing is different from the tax. I don't believe that the tax on our side is different.

As consumers, whether they are eating out or taking out, they buy the products of this store, so it is not impossible to eat in this store, and businesses treat customers differently just because they place orders in different channels. this behavior will greatly affect customers' sense of experience, damage the good impression of businesses and popularity, and may also be unwilling to go to the store for consumption because of such a small episode.

But some netizens think that consumers who order takeout can be forgiven for charging for food in the hall. The actual payment amount of the takeout order of consumers is already lower than the price of takeout, in addition to being taken out by the takeout platform, the actual income of takeout may not make any money or even a loss, so when consumers say they want to enjoy the takeout of their own orders in the store, it is not difficult to understand that merchants will charge consumers to make up for the price difference between takeout and takeout.

On the social platform, it is not rare for consumers to eat in a restaurant after ordering takeout, and most people do so because coupons can be used on the takeout platform or merchants have special activities on the takeout platform. as a result, the takeout price is generally more economical than the takeout price.

However, for merchants, consumers have already enjoyed a price discount from the takeout platform, so they should no longer enjoy the restaurant service corresponding to the original price of the product at this discount price. Therefore, in the face of customers who want to "fetch wool" from the takeout platform, some merchants will explicitly refuse customers to place takeout orders in the store or refuse to order takeout to eat in the restaurant, and very few businesses will propose to customers to charge more food fees to make up for the price difference.

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