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Do you want to grab the number for coffee?! Netizen: it's even more frightening than robbing a concert!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Coffee Factory what will you be at 1: 00 a.m. in the cold winter month? Some people will get into bed early and brush their mobile phones, while others yawn while doing a year-end summary. At one o'clock in the morning today, such a group of people squatted in in the middle of the night in order to grab a cup of coffee.

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What will you be at at one o'clock in the morning in the cold winter month? Some people will get into bed early and brush their phones, while others yawn while doing a year-end summary, but at 1: 00 this morning, such a group of people poured into Mini Program in the middle of the night in order to grab a cup of coffee. Staring at the "loading" small circle on the page, I saw myself breaking the defense and screaming. This group of people are Lin Junjie fans who want to "rob" all their lives.

Recently, due to the voice of fans, Lin Junjie's coffee brand Miracle Coffee has returned to Shanghai with a pop-up coffee cart, and has also launched Magnolia, a limited coffee drink in Shanghai. Fans can not only drink Little Miracle Coffee, but also buy limited blind boxes and stamp on the spot, which can be said to be a well-prepared winter romantic date between Lin Junjie and fans.

It was the Winter Solstice on the day the event was officially launched, and the temperature in Shanghai dropped below zero on that day, but fans were so enthusiastic that two flash coffee trucks inside and outside were lined up with people. According to fans present, due to the "excellence" of the staff, every hot latte pulled flowers, resulting in a slow meal at the scene, with queues ranging from one hour to three hours.

Waiting in line for several hours in the cold winter months for a cup of coffee is enough to see the fans' love and support for Lin Junjie. But such a long line can also consume the enthusiasm of those who wait and make people suffer. Therefore, in order to give fans a better sense of experience, Miracle Coffee officially launched a campaign strategy, in which customers who grab the number and successfully place an order based on the limited number of Mini Program will be able to take away their purchases as long as they are there for verification within 24 hours.

This arrangement was intended to shorten the length of customers' queues, but officials underestimated the huge number of fans of Junjie Lin, who emptied them as soon as the number was released. Mini Program could not afford the enthusiasm of fans and collapsed directly under the operation of the influx of fans.

Many fans saw the loading page spinning around and thought that as long as they waited, they would be able to get to the payment interface. As a result, they waited for more than half an hour. After watching an episode of the TV series, they had not been able to place an order to buy coffee and blind boxes.

As a result, angry fans complained one after another, "put up with it for more than 40 minutes! fall!" , "it took me half an hour to browse in the middle of the night to keep going in circles,"after going through the loading in the loading and the warm reminders … finally... it's my turn to be rich.", "there are no miracles in December that I can't afford to climb", "Mini Program, which has no small miracles in the New World, can spin in circles", "it's not the coffee but the miracle that refreshes me."

Judging from the feedback from fans on social platforms, serious bug has appeared on Miracle Coffee Mini Program since the early morning, and it generally takes more than half an hour to place an order by rush number to pay successfully. If you exit the loading page by error, the hard waiting will be wasted, and you can only start all over again.

Staring at the loading interface that keeps spinning in circles, there are sharp comments from fans. The lyrics of "circles and circles" that Lin Junjie wrote in 2004 were written to Miracle Coffee Mini Program in advance.

In the past, it was hard to grab concert tickets, but now you just have to grab a cup of coffee. Lin Junjie fans have an outrageous life experience.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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