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Is it too late to stop loss in time? The joint business calls the headquarters all night!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ click to follow | the daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop said that this year's major coffee-related events, Cudy and Ruixing "fight" should be counted as the last one, and recently Kudi made a new move, founder Lu Zhengyao announced that Kudi will join the milk tea track, causing netizens' discussion and doubt, but also let the alliance

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When it comes to the major coffee-related events this year, Kudi and Ruixing "fight" should be the last one, and recently, Kudi made a new move, founder Lu Zhengyao announced that Kudi will join the milk tea track, causing netizens' discussion and doubt. It also worries the alliance business.

Yesterday, a letter from an alliance to Kudi appeared on the social platform, which spoke bluntly about Kudi's current problems from six aspects: supply, perimeter, R & D team, joint IP, quality and operation team, and put forward his own views and suggestions.

Many netizens in the comment area left their own opinions, including Kudi affiliates who have the same identity as bloggers and customers who have spent money in Kudi stores. According to the feedback from netizens, the operational problems mentioned in this letter should exist and have existed for some time.

For joint ventures, they are in urgent need of a response from Kudi's management, but many people are more concerned about whether they can still make money by working with Kudi, because this part of the joint venture thinks that Kudi stores are no longer a money-making tool.

Some netizens have roughly calculated the economic data of opening a Coffee Shop and come to the conclusion that if you invest about 400000, it will take about 54 months, or four and a half years, to get your money back, provided the store sells more than 500 cups a day. On the other hand, the head of some stores said that the daily sales of their stores were less than 500 cups, and the recycling cycle should be extended on this basis. "it is estimated that it will take 10 years to get back about 100 cups a day."

As to whether the current joint venture with Kudi can be profitable, most of the operators trapped in it said that even if Kudi gives some subsidies to the joint venture, these subsidies will not make up for the loss of store operation.

Since Kudi founder Lu Zhengyao announced last month that Kudi will join the milk tea track, the majority of netizens are quite controversial about this. Some people hope that the "king of rolls" Kudi can pull down the price of milk tea a little bit. Some people think that the milk tea track is not suitable for Kudi, and many joint operators have similar ideas, even pessimistic that Kudi is now moving the track is intended to abandon the joint business cooperation for a long time.

The 23 years are coming to an end, and it is not far from the official launch of the milk tea brand "Tea Cat" mentioned by the founder of Kudi. Some associated businesses are still waiting to see the next development trend of Kudi, but some of them are no longer optimistic about the future of Kudi. Therefore, recently, you can see a lot of Kudi store transfer posts on the social platform, and the post has been sent for more than half a month in a week. Such a number can also be seen from the current part of the joint business has lost confidence in Kudi, just want to get out of the whirlpool of Kudi as soon as possible and stop the loss in time.

The blogger who wrote to Kudi's management originally hoped that Kudi's management would listen to the demands of the joint business, pay attention to the emerging problems, reassure the joint business, and give consumers a better consumer experience.

So far, this sincere letter has not been officially responded by Kudi.

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