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Real name jealousy! A coveted college elective course!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, Real name jealousy! A coveted college elective course! Coffee Workshop Coffee Workshop published at 19:04 on ▲, Guangdong Province, click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop the last week of 2023 arrives in the cold wind, which for college students

Real name jealousy! A coveted college elective course!

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The last week of 2023 comes in a cold wind, and the semester is coming to an end for college students. Some people will hope to finish the final exam as soon as possible so that they can go home for the winter vacation, while others hope that the semester will end more slowly. For example, the students who take coffee courses at Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology may not want to finish the class too early, because they will not be able to drink delicious coffee after class.

Not long ago, in the video of a social platform, a teacher was lecturing on the podium while making a cup of Irish coffee and saw the burning flame moving back and forth with the liquid between the two glasses. Such a surprising and dazzling scene amazed the students at the sound of "wow".

It is reported that this teacher's coffee culture class involves coffee culture, coffee tasting, coffee making, and shows hand-brewed coffee, creative coffee and so on. Students can not only learn the theoretical knowledge of coffee during the class, but also learn from the teacher how to make a delicious cup of coffee.

The elective courses with rich and interesting classroom content and practical teaching were directly grabbed by the students. Some students said that this coffee elective course was very difficult to grab, "all the credits could not be spent". The students who were not able to grab and were very interested had to go to the classroom to attend the class, and the whole classroom was full of students.

Students from other schools are jealous of such interesting elective courses, such as "this is the elective course I have always dreamed of", "I really want this elective course", "who doesn't want to take this kind of course is really interesting", "I can complete my credits for this kind of course!" If I had this lesson, I wouldn't be sleepy.

Alumni who have graduated for many years also express envy, "Why didn't I take it when I was a student?", "regret that I was lazy to pick up the rest of my classes", "I feel like I went to college in vain."

In recent years, the university elective courses focus on a rich and colorful, various universities offer some courses that are in line with the current trend and the life of young people, such as baking classes, red wine tasting courses and so on, as well as coffee tasting courses.

It is understood that in addition to the Black Science and Technology University, Harbin University of Technology, Beijing normal University and Jimei University have also offered elective courses related to coffee. Students are enthusiastic about this. From the social platform, such courses can arouse students' interest. Let students either run out of credits or squat for lessons quickly.

Coffee has gradually become a part of contemporary people's life, and more and more college students like coffee and are interested in it, so it is also a trend for coffee tasting courses to enter universities and appear in classroom. some schools include it in the elective course system. some schools will list it as a compulsory course for a major.

But to tell you the truth, people who like coffee will more or less envy contemporary college students. They can watch the teacher perform live while drinking all kinds of free coffee in class. In the past, they could only think about it in a dream.

So when the dream shines into reality at this moment, how many people shed tears of envy?

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