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Is it true that 90 + "Ninety Plus" only produces coffee beans with more than 90 points?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, As each bean of the 90 + series will have a more "unique" flavor tonality, it is widely loved by you! For example, champagne-flavored Juliet, or spice, longan flavor Eleta! These special flavors are inseparable from the exquisite handling of 90 + Company, so today, Qianjie will share.

Because each bean of the 90+ series will have a more "unique" flavor tone, it is widely loved by all coffee friends! For example, Juliet in Champagne, or Eleta in spice and longan flavor! These special flavors are inseparable from the exquisite processing of 90+ company ~ so today, the front street will share is the legendary company that produces these high quality coffees-"Ninety Plus"!

Ninety Plus is the name of an American company that translates to 90+. In the coffee industry,"90+" means beans with a cup score of 90 or more, so people often mistake this trademark for: only sell beans with a score of 90 or more! (That name is good!) In 2004, Emerald Manor won the Panama BOP championship with a thunderous victory over a group of beans. When the game ended, the "Rose Summer Trend" soon spread to the world, making people all over the world realize the delicious existence of Rose Summer Seed. Many people were trapped in it and even reached the state of "No Summer, No Joy"! Joseph Brodsky, founder of 90+, is one of them.

So Joseph Brodsky, addicted to rose summer, immediately set out for Panama to find beans comparable to rose summer there. Unfortunately, the journey ended in failure. However, he did not give up. He changed his mind directly: simply go to Ethiopia, where there are tens of thousands of undiscovered varieties, and he will be able to find beans comparable to Guixia! So in 2005 Joseph Brodsky came to Ethiopia for the first time. He had never thought that he was deeply affected by the local customs and fell in love with the people, food, language, culture and coffee there. So he decided to live in Ethiopia for the next few years, make Ethiopia his home and focus there!

Then in 2006, Joseph Brodsky founded Ninety Plus Trading Company. With his system, Ninety Plus was completely different from other green bean merchants at that time! Normally speaking, the practice of raw bean merchants is usually to search for beans, cup test, cup test to taste good beans to purchase, belong to looking for high-quality fruits produced by others, with a certain uncertainty. Ninety Plus is different in that it has the technology to control flavor performance. Therefore, they can plan and extend the scope of management upstream. Instead of finding out the quality green beans produced by others, they can manage the coffee beans themselves! From planting to processing, the whole process, their own production of high-quality raw beans for sale!

At first, Ninety Plus was not that big to grow coffee, so it could only start with the processing of coffee beans. Therefore, they would first buy the good coffee fruit picked by others and then process it delicately. Aricha and Biloa appeared in this context! The extremely rich fruit flavor and excellent quality washed away the vision of the whole boutique coffee circle at that time, and 90+ became famous for it! Only then will potential coffee farmers be selected. According to the ideal flavor of the coffee beans currently produced, the ideal flavor will be fed back to the bean farmers and processing plants for process reengineering. The samples will be gradually corrected to the "90+" originally set flavor through scientific management, but at the same time, the most suitable coffee beans must be carefully selected before they can be produced. Therefore, it can be seen that the bean quality of 90+ company is not luck, but average level, which is also the core value that "90+" company has always adhered to.

Joseph Brodsky still couldn't find a variety that surpassed Rose Summer during his stay in Ethiopia. Since he couldn't find a variety that surpassed Rose Summer, he simply used Rose Summer and upgraded it from its foundation to create a top Rose Summer! Joseph Brodsky returned to Panama in 2009 with his ambition and skills accumulated in Ethiopia, founded Ninety Plus Gesha Estate, and officially produced coffee beans in 2014! Unlike other coffee beans, each bean in the 90+ series has its own name, because each coffee bean sold is their carefully designed "work", so Ninety Plus baristas will give them a name based on the first impression of touching the bean!

In 2019, Ninety Plus acquired a plot of land near Baru Volcano and named it Ninety Plus Barú Estates. Volcanic soil is rich in substances that can better assist the growth of coffee, so Qianjie is looking forward to it. I don't know what kind of delicious 90+ coffee this place produces.

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