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He was crazy! Lucky workers had a Christmas "robbery"!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop just past Christmas should be one of many people's good memories, but for yesterday's lucky friends, others spent Christmas, they spent Christmas "robbery." At ordinary times, it is normal for Ruixing's new products to be launched on the same day. Ruixing

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The past Christmas should be one of the good memories of many people, but for yesterday's lucky friends, others spent Christmas, but they spent Christmas "robbery".

It is normal for Lucky's new products to be released on the same day, and Lucky's friends have been psychologically prepared for it. However, if you add a layer of buff with a joint sticker for any cup of drink on this basis, the psychological construction of lucky friends no matter how well they do will probably collapse when the order is exploded.

Lucky, which launched the new product yesterday, changed the old rule of "two cups of heart and spleen you send a joint sticker" and gave a Christmas time-limited benefit of "you can get a joint sticker with any cup". The believers who suffered from not being able to drink two drinks were so happy to hear the news that they rushed to tell each other and smashed the wealth into various Lucky offline stores.

As a result, a refreshing reminder of the new order rang in the ears of the lucky friends who were not awake early in the morning. in front of them was the label sticker that the label machine kept spitting out. I was forced to wake up and call for help instantly. Why is there a useless label in the label strip that can be pulled from one end of the bar to the other?

Due to the setting of the label printing system, if there is a gift in the order, the label will print a gift sticker, so there are not only beverage stickers that need to be affixed to the packing cup to distinguish between them, but also useless and wasteful giveaway stickers. If the two labels are mixed together, lucky friends will get flowers in front of their eyes!

"it's time to test your eyesight,"people are crazy,"dying for a cup and a sticker will really make a difference,"who says it's not? pick a drink from the sticker," and "your eyes are almost stuck to the cup."

It is obviously a happy holiday, but this label that can circle around the bar really makes lucky friends not happy. People almost fall into the bar or go crazy, and there is no sense of holiday experience at all.

In addition to the need to distinguish the pain when drink stickers and gift stickers are mixed together, lucky friends also want to ask their own product department to take a look at the new Christmas sweetheart latte and Christmas Koli latte, not only with similar names, but also with almost the same recipes. Do you think they are not crazy enough to be tortured by labels, so do they come to make their work more difficult?

It is reported that the difference between the two Christmas drinks is that the names are different, and the syrup and decoration are different, so many lucky friends will make mistakes such as adding the wrong syrup, wrong decoration, cold drinks into hot drinks and so on. Because of the label and busy work to add new chaos, straight to drive the poor friends crazy.

Fortunately, the Christmas "robbery" only lasts 24 hours, and as time passes, like Cinderella, who has lost her magic blessing, lucky friends have changed from Christmas victims to ordinary workers. It's just that what this holiday leaves them may not be good memories, but physical and mental exhaustion.

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