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Netizen: I didn't even know it was a coffee shop.

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop in recent years, coffee shops are springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and competition is becoming more and more volume. in order to attract guests, coffee shops will make efforts in terms of shop characteristics and strive to make customers visit again after a visit. For example, some stores attach importance to quality and focus on production

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In recent years, coffee shops have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and the competition has become more and more. In order to attract customers, coffee shops will make efforts in terms of shop characteristics and strive to make customers visit again after a visit.

For example, some stores attach importance to quality, focusing on cost-effective products, so that customers can drink good and affordable coffee; some stores pay more attention to customer experience and give priority to providing home-at-home service; and some stores will pay attention to decoration to create a distinctive style that is suitable for young people to visit and sign in.

Recently, in order to attract customers, a coffee shop has set up a small rockery. Next to the rockery is an oval pool that occupies most of the space. Ceramic candlesticks with candles float in the pool full of water. When the white fog rises in the hall, the candlesticks that move slowly with the water waves not only provide candlelight to add atmosphere, but also can be heard between the two collisions. Let guests have a unique experience like being in the cloud.

The unique store style makes netizens shout for being advanced and praise the shop owner for being ahead of the aesthetic.

However, after watching the netizen's sharing and posting pictures, the onlookers in the comment area had their own views on it.

Some netizens scratched out that the shop owner's "flower work" was supposed to imitate the installation work of a French artist, while others said, "this design existed in many Western gallery halls seven or eight years ago." some netizens think that this is the "beginning of twists and turns" played by imitating ancient literati reciting poems.

While some netizens don't care about the source of inspiration, they only express the first impression they see, "this thing really looks like a western shrine,"it's kind of like a soul ferry in Pirates of the Caribbean,"putting candles is really like Ghost Festival's water lantern,"like a Dharma congregation in India to pray for blessings."

More netizens think that drinking coffee next to this smoke-filled pool, people who don't know think that the bathhouse has also joined the coffee race track, "Roman Palace Bath?" "it's kind of like a hot spring", "I thought it was a northern bathhouse before I clicked on the big picture".

In addition to the above, netizens have different views on the coffee shop.

Netizens who pay attention to health care said, "will you get rheumatism if you stay for a long time?"I am so wet that I can't sit in this kind of place." Netizens who attach importance to food safety are worried that "this smoke has contaminated what I ordered to eat and drink." Netizens who want to study in the shop think that the design of the coffee shop is to prevent guests from "taking a seat in the coffee shop for self-study".

Some netizens' attention shifted from the characteristic pool of the coffee shop to the back wall, commenting on the wall: "the putty can not be shaved flat" and "the skin of the wall is about to fall off." some imaginative netizens associate from the foggy scene to "the Queen Mother's flat Peach Conference" and "the Jade Emperor thought he had returned to his hometown".

In the more and more "roll" coffee circle, the coffee shop that wants to stand out always has some unique features, so that customers will think of coffee and think of it. The store is designed in this way, not only to attract guests to sign in, but also to give guests some different experiences.

For this unique aesthetic coffee shop, do you want to go to the store to sign in?

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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