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What about the blockage of hand-brewed coffee extraction? What about stagnant water?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, "intercepting" is a helpless move caused by the blocking of fine powder in the process of cooking by hand. once it is not intercepted in time, the bitter taste will give you a horrible "tip of the tongue" experience. But if we say that before the blockage event is about to occur, we have predicted that there is a high probability of blockage in this cooking.

"intercepting" is a helpless move caused by the blocking of fine powder in the process of cooking by hand. once it is not intercepted in time, the bitter taste will give you a horrible "tip of the tongue" experience.

However, if we predicted that there was a high probability of blockage before the blockage was about to occur, could we change the cooking method in advance and reduce the negative phenomena caused by clogging? so as to avoid the helpless act of river closure? Well, Qianjie will share it today. In what ways can we judge whether there will be stagnant water in the cooking process?

Focus on: lightly roasted coffee beans

Shallow baked beans are the "hardest hit" of clogging. Because the coffee beans are roasted more shallower and the beans expand less, their fibers will remain intact and the density will be much higher than that of deep baked beans. This leads to the use of finer grinding on them to reduce their mass and to obtain more abundant extraction rates.

Fine grinding is often easier to produce very fine powder, coupled with the heavy quality of shallow roasted coffee beans, the superposition of double buff is easy to block! Therefore, when we are cooking, shallow baked beans is an extraction object that needs to be paid more attention to.

1. The degree of expansion during steaming

Whether it is deep baking or light baking, as long as the beans are boiled when they are fresh, there will always be a large bag when steaming (the shallow baked beans will not be so obvious), because the need for exhaust to remove carbon dioxide from the beans. After the fresh stage, the drum bag during steaming will be much smaller, because the gas has been lost almost, naturally it will not be so big, and this can be used as a basis for judging whether it is blocked or not.

Steaming expansion obviously shows that the bean body also contains more gas, the probability of blockage is not high, but if the expansion is small, not so fresh beans, you need to pay attention to it! Beans with too little expansion indicate that the gas in the body is no longer rich, without the hindrance of gas, hot water can easily fill the internal space of coffee particles, and heavier ones are more likely to precipitate to the bottom of the filter cup, causing blockage!

Therefore, it is best to reduce the extent of the circle after the end of steaming, so as to avoid washing down the coffee powder on the wall of the filter cup, causing concentrated blockage. And in the follow-up water injection, raising the water level appropriately is also a good choice.

Second, the performance of foam after steaming

Generally speaking, the water injection after steaming will produce more foam. But if there is a situation where the amount of foam is thin or even empty (where it is not covered by foam), then there is a good chance that your coffee powder has sunk to the bottom because the brewing strength is too small! "

Therefore, at the beginning of the next stage of water injection, please increase the flow of water to stir the powder bed to disperse the coffee powder accumulated at the bottom, preferably concentrated in the center around a small circle, can play a better stirring effect (will be blocked, but not so clogged).

Third, observe the speed at which the water level falls

The reason why Qianjie likes to use the three-stage style is that it can not only extract the full flavor of coffee, but also deal with this kind of clogged emergency. when you find that the water is slow after you inject water in the second stage of the three-stage style, it means it's already clogged.

Then Qianjie suggests that the third stage of water injection should be carried out when the water level reaches the bottom, so that it can better hit the coffee powder accumulated at the bottom and speed up the launching time a little.

However, either way, it is only to reduce the impact of this blockage, it will still be blocked, but it can avoid "helplessness" such as "river closure". Therefore, after avoiding the problem of this blockage, we need to find it as soon as possible and correct the real cause of the blockage, so as to ensure that we do not have to make such remedial measures in the next cooking.


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