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It leaks! Hurry up and leak! Orange peel hand rush rollover record!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop winter is "citrus treasures" Gannan navel orange listed season, many people will buy a few navel oranges to eat, juicy and nutritious pulp after eating, the rest of the orange peel is mostly into the trash can fate. However, some netizens looked at the orange

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Winter is the season when "citrus treasures" Gannan navel oranges are on the market, and many people will buy a few navel oranges to eat. After eating the juicy and nutritious pulp, most of the remaining orange peels go into the dustbin.

However, some netizens looked at the orange peel and thought of a way to use the orange peel without wasting the fragrant orange peel.

Making a cup of orange peel by hand is not complicated.

First of all, cut a fresh orange, then dig out the inside of the orange and eat it, leaving an orange peel container containing coffee powder, then poke more than a dozen small holes in the bottom of the orange peel container to facilitate the flow of liquid, and then fill it with coffee powder. use the usual hand-brewing technique to brew, and when the coffee liquid runs out from the orange peel, you will get a cup of hand flushing with orange aroma.

This is the case with the original version of orange peel hand flushing, which was tried by many netizens and overturned, and the main reason for the rollover is that the hole in the orange peel is too small to be blocked by coffee powder, and the coffee liquid cannot flow out; a slightly larger hole can solve the problem that the coffee liquid cannot flow out, but the fine coffee powder will also be carried out by the liquid, affecting the taste of hand-brewed coffee.

As a result, Orange Peel hand Chong 2.0 was born.

This version of orange peel comes in two forms, one is to put filter paper in the orange peel container, and the other is to put the orange peel container into the hand filter cup as filter paper. Both methods enlarge the holes in the orange peel so that the coffee liquid can flow out faster and avoid the clogging problem of coffee powder to some extent.

But for some netizens, hollowing out orange pulp and piercing holes is a time-consuming and laborious task, so orange peel hand flushing version 2.0 is still too troublesome. Netizens who want to get orange fragrance more easily have developed version 3.0 of orange peel-adding orange peel to coffee powder.

Tear the orange peel into small pieces or plane it into thin shreds, put it in the coffee powder and flush it by hand, and the orange aroma in the coffee liquid will be much more obvious than that in version 2.0.

High-level players suggest that the orange peel will be shredded and dried and ground into powder together with coffee beans and then hand-flushed, the orange peel flavor will be very strong.

On the basis of hand flushing of orange peel, netizens also made a bold attempt. Fruits such as watermelon, mango, lemon and grapefruit were made into coffee filter cups and used for hand flushing. Strawberries, apples, raspberries, blueberries and other fruits were mixed with coffee powder and then hand-flushed to add real fruit flavor to hand-brewed coffee with real materials.

Netizens said that the hand-brewed coffee under this operation is "highly flavor-oriented", but some netizens think that "it is not necessary". The hand-brewed coffee after "flavoring" with real fruit may be richer in flavor, but it also affects the judgment of the original flavor of coffee beans.

Perhaps for some netizens who want to make the aroma and taste of hand-brewed coffee richer, it is a good way to "flavor" with fruit. But please don't waste fruit in order to try fruit hand flushing!

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