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It's too hard! Manner brought a cup of flowers to be called by roll call!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop since the beginning of the Christmas season, each coffee shop has come up with different tricks to attract guests, one of which is Christmas tree flower pulling, which does not require too much investment but makes guests feel like Christmas. For baristas who have the ability to pull flowers, a less complicated Christmas tree

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Since the beginning of the Christmas season, coffee shops have come up with different tricks to attract guests, including one that does not require too much investment but makes guests feel like a Christmas atmosphere-Christmas tree flowers.

For baristas who have the ability to pull flowers, the less complex Christmas tree pull can bring customers a better holiday experience and harvest praise, so many coffee shops will give guests a Christmas tree pull during the Christmas season, especially manner, which has always responded to customers' demands. "manner Christmas tree pull" has once become one of the reasons for netizens to spend money in manner.

However, some time ago, bloggers complained that manner treated them differently because their lattes did not have Christmas tree flowers. When the blogger went to the manner store to spend money, he talked to the barista about a Christmas tree. When he got the cup back, he did not receive a Christmas tree but received an unknown Picasso abstract style. Patterns.

Manner's custom flower is very famous, many consumers are successful because of manner's flower circle, and some guests even bring their own cup to manner to "embarrass" the clerk to pull a flower for themselves, so it's not unreasonable for the blogger to talk to the clerk at manner's offline store that he wants Christmas tree flowers.

Netizens with similar experiences sympathize with this and think that it is inevitable that the blogger will be angry. However, some netizens have different views on this.

Netizens who know something about Lahua explained that it needs to be close to the liquid surface to produce pictures, while the blogger's own cup is a small caliber tall cup, which is very difficult for baristas to pull flowers. "your cup is too deep for the world champion to pull flowers", so it is understandable that manner clerks are unable to pull out Christmas trees and flowers at the request of bloggers.

Another netizen noticed that "the barista was very busy at that time" mentioned in the original article of the blogger, believing that it was not suitable for the blogger to make a request for coffee flowers when the clerk was busy. Netizens who had received Christmas tree flowers on manner said they were looking for shop assistants to discuss with the clerk when they were not busy, which would not make it difficult for the clerk to do, but also could get the pattern he wanted.

Another netizen explained to the manner clerk, "manner's flower-pulling is not the creation of a free-time shop assistant", and not every manner clerk will pull flowers on the Christmas tree, thinking that bloggers are making a mountain out of a molehill to treat this issue differently because they do not pull flowers.

On the day the blogger expressed his dissatisfaction, the manager of the manner store also apologized in the comments section, saying he could help the blogger make a new drink.

Baristas with certain skills will generally respond to consumers' requests for flowers when time permits, but if the current situation does not allow it, consumers who get a hot latte without flowers don't have to cling to it.

After all, coffee flower is more of a decoration for a cup of coffee, with or without will not have much impact on the taste of the coffee itself.

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