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"destroy it, just in time and I can only live one!"

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop on the last night of 2023, I wonder if you have a good dream as a successful conclusion. However, lucky workers do not have any good dreams recently, but there are a lot of nightmares. "they have been dreaming for two days in a row. Are they all about code scanning?"

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On the last night of 2023, I wonder if you have a good dream as a successful conclusion.

However, lucky workers do not have any good dreams recently, but there are a lot of nightmares. "they have been dreaming about scanning the code for two days in a row, and the dream talk is all about scanning the code first." the reality that the dream is finished and then works appears on many lucky workers. Some partners dream that they are standing behind the bar with labels, while others are looking for coffee sweeps to serve and pack their nightmares.

It's really hard to tell the difference between reality and dreams. I've been working from morning till night.

The source that causes Lucky workers to pay so much attention to "scanning the code to serve meals" is a "demon" called "timely rate".

Just-in-time rate refers to the timely production rate, which reflects the situation that store orders are completed on time within the scheduled time. If the just-in-time rate of the store reaches 100%, it means that every order in the store can be completed within the specified time.

Although it is only a number, just-in-time will affect the consumer experience. Just imagine, the system shows that you can take away your drink when you enter the store after a meal, which is a good experience for the customer and increases the likelihood that the customer will buy it back again. Therefore, high just-in-time rate in a sense can drive store sales, but also give customers a good store experience.

As a result, now the clerks of lucky stores not only maintain the evaluation of the stores, but also worry about the timely rate. Because the just-in-time number is "up by zero and falling down", if you fail to scan the meal within the estimated time given by the system, you will need to use more timely orders to improve the just-in-time rate.

Some netizens will wonder that the just-in-time rate is just a number, is it really that important? If it were just an ordinary number, there might be no need to take it so seriously. But when this number has something to do with performance, the lifeblood of migrant workers, it has to be valued.

According to lucky employees, timeliness is one of the current store evaluation indicators, and it also has something to do with employee performance, so for their wallets, all stores are now rolling in a timely rate, not keeping it 100% all the time, at least on the standard line.

It may not be too difficult to maintain a high just-in-time rate for one or two days, but if you want to maintain the high just-in-time rate of the store for a long time, you need the cooperation of all the store staff to perform their respective duties. But when there is a shortage of manpower at the time of the explosion, the just-in-time rate becomes a "reminder", making the busy Rui lucky workers out of breath.

"destroy it, just go crazy there." yesterday, when the guest asked me if she was all right, she just lay down at the dining place and said, "go and sit down for a while."the timely rate is driving the child crazy."

Tortured by the timely rate, Rui Xing beat the workers and wailed. He was neither Nezhu without three heads and six arms, nor was he the boiler grandfather of Thousand and thousand fathom. He could not order, make drinks and pack meals within a certain period of time. They all shouted to let the management who only look at the numbers go to the grass-roots level to feel their hot water day by day.

There is nothing wrong with Ruixing's management to make stores timely in order to improve customers' sense of experience, but they also hope that some regulations will be more humane, so that lucky workers will not have nightmares every day for the sake of a number.

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