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Can't you call it Dirty in a to-go cup?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop On the first day of the New Year, I swiped a video taken by a shop owner with the title "Will you pack Dirty?" "。In the picture, the guest orders a cup of hot Dirty and asks to pack it. In response, the barista said he could only make ice, and the guest agreed.

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On the first day of the new year, I saw a video taken by a store with the title "will you pack Dirty?" . In the picture, the guest orders a cup of hot Dirty and asks for packing. In this regard, the barista said that only ice can be made, and after the guest agreed, she told the other party that it was "a total of 168", because the Dirty was 22, and the glass for packaging was 146. Finally, Alipay to the account: 168 yuan.

Although it is a joke, but whether Dirty can package this "stem" is extremely real. It is like the sweet and salty struggle between the north and the south, between baristas and consumers, there will never be a standard answer.

The baristas who insist on not packing for Dirty

For stores that follow the boutique coffee route, Dirty has an iconic structure of lower purified milk and upper Italian concentrate, and a sip of coffee can feel the mixed touch of hot concentrated and iced milk, making it one of the must-have items for countless supporters when visiting the store.

As a "new generation" fashion style in an independent store, the addition of Dirty to the permanent menu does bring different levels of value: it can win in appearance, gain photo-loving users, reflect the characteristics of its own beans through a simple combination, and create creativity as a way to develop new products. There is no doubt that Dirty must have a place in the development of boutique coffee.

In order to create a more "gorgeous" feature of Dirty, the barista in charge of the product began to use beans in cups, milk, and proportions. Work hard on the configuration, and insist on providing only food in the hall. Gradually, every coffee maker of Dirty fell in love with this product, leaving such an impression different from other conventional Italian categories: mini cup quantity + ice cup + rich oil + mellow and sweet purified milk, as well as the best drinking tips for drinking as soon as possible.

So, can't you call it "Dirty" with a take-out cup?

It is not difficult to find that Dirty, which used to appear only in independent stores, has now been introduced into the optional category by many large chain coffee chains, and Dirty has taken on a different attitude according to the production style of each company. Among them, the biggest change is that the coffee container has been changed from a glass cup to a take-out cup.

Although the lack of ice cups, there may be a lack of experience, but as long as the materials are right, it is not difficult to make dirty coffee with both appearance and taste with the "new shell" of transparent packing cups. And when the cup volume increases, the profit space will be greater. In this era of fast coffee, a cup of Dirty is obviously more popular than sitting and drinking it slowly.

Take out Dirty, increase sales, and usher in "complaints".

When it comes to Dirty that can be packaged, I believe the first thing that many people think of is "cheap big bowl representative"-Ruixing.

In early 2022, Ruixing simultaneously launched two milk cafes, Huakui 5.0 Dirty and Yega Xuefei Dirty, and Dirty was also known to more consumers who don't drink coffee very often. Different from the previously mentioned features, Ruixing brand Dirty has the super large cup volume of 330ml, not paying much attention to extraction, the overall taste is milk-based, and the layering effect depends entirely on luck. It was once ridiculed as a "latte without ice", or the kind at room temperature.

Compared with Lucky, other brands that provide dirty coffee are much more cautious. They usually add a new SOE every once in a while on the basis of keeping the small cup volume and layering logo, and also make an extended match on the base. For example, the affordable boutique represents Manner, and the barista only provides on-site production to allow Dirty to maximize its tasting experience, but bringing its own cup has ushered in another wave of complaints: the size of the cup is too small and the Dirty is not enough Dir.

Whether the Dirty takes out or not, it's not wrong to tell the customer the reason in advance.

The reason why most baristas decide to add Dirty to the menu is to present the perfect combination of coffee and milk to their customers. If they want to win the hearts of consumers, they have to make them feel the value of the product most intuitively. In other words, whether you don't pack or take out a cup, take the initiative to tell you the reason for doing so and your understanding / positioning of Dirty. I'm sure your customers will understand.

When communication is no longer an issue, it is only up to the other person to measure whether it is worth it or not.

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