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Carry a cat bag into the coffee shop and get kicked out by the clerk?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop lovely pet cats always heal people, so now the number of people keeping pets has greatly increased, and many people will take their hairy children around, visit the store and feel at home. Recently, a customer took his cat to Starbucks to buy coffee.

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Lovely pet cats can always cure the hearts of the people, so now the number of people keeping pets has greatly increased, and many people will take their hairy children around to visit the store and feel comfortable outdoors.

Recently, a customer took his cat to Starbucks to buy coffee and was driven away by a Starbucks clerk when he sat down at the store after ordering the order on the grounds that the customer had brought a cat. The customer said that when he entered the store, he did not see the sign or inscription that refused to enter the animal, and then consulted the clerk to make sure he did not miss it. After entering the store, the customer found a seat and sat down. Before getting the drink he ordered, the clerk asked ta to leave, fearing that he might be complained by other guests.

In this regard, the customer believes that Starbucks, as a merchant, has the obligation to inform in advance, and there is no legal provision prohibiting bringing cat bags into Starbucks, so the clerk's eviction infringes on the rights and interests of ta.

In response to this, most netizens do not agree with the customer, thinking that cat hair may fall into the coffee cup and cause food contamination. some netizens also said that bringing pets into the store will cause trouble for other guests who are afraid of pets or are allergic to pet hair.

"you should also care about the feelings of other customers in public places."

"pets are hairy. In such an open food store, it is not recommended to bring kittens in for the feelings of others."

"it's really not suitable to go in and out with pets in public places, but it feels a little better with a cat bag, and it's not recommended, because not all people like hairy children, and a lot of people will mind! I hope pet owners can understand that not everyone likes your cats and dogs."

But some netizens said that Starbucks has pet-friendly stores, and some pet owners can be seen bringing their pets into Starbucks stores every day, so why is it allowed to this customer?

In this regard, Starbucks does have pet-friendly stores for pet owners and pets, and has created a complete set of facilities and supporting services to this end. However, the store that the customer consumes is only an ordinary store, not a pet-friendly store. And according to information provided by netizens, although Starbucks has no explicit rules prohibiting pets, most stores have signs on the glass that prohibit pets.

At present, Starbucks customer service responded to the matter, according to netizens' reflection, it may be that the store has a bad attitude, the store will record and reflect the strengthening of training, and it is also suggested that pet owners can spend money in pet-friendly stores.

As for what happened to this customer, some netizens said that the handling of the Starbucks clerk may be unkind, but from the point of view of food safety and feelings towards other guests, it is not appropriate for the customer to bring pets into the store.

If you really want to bring pets into the store for consumption, you should communicate with the store first and abide by the rules of public places.

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