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No coffee?! Starbucks light roasted coffee received poor reviews from customers!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | when the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop mentions Starbucks coffee beans, many people's first reaction is "shiny black" and "comparable to charcoal", which can be said to be one of the representatives of deep-baked coffee beans in the minds of many coffee lovers, and this also leads to Starbucks coffee generally bitter and dislike.

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When it comes to Starbucks coffee beans, many people's first reaction is "shiny black" and "comparable to charcoal", which can be said to be one of the representatives of deep-roasted coffee beans in the minds of many coffee lovers, and this has led to Starbucks coffee generally tastes bitter. people who don't like bitterness find it difficult to accept Starbucks coffee.

In order to take care of the tastes of more people, Starbucks today launched the "Golden Bake concentrate Series". According to the official blog, "shallow baking degree brings lively acidity and bright citrus, warm and delicate, gently returning sweet". In short, Starbucks has shallow baked beans concentrated for consumers to choose from and add to different kinds of coffee according to their own needs.

Soon after hearing the news, netizens like Zhongshu Bakery issued an order and said that the golden roasting series of coffee is indeed as stated in the official propaganda, and its taste is very soft and light, which is the good news for people who are afraid of bitter stars. However, some Starbucks regular customers expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction after trying the Golden Bake series.

Netizens who have tried to add gold-roasted concentrated milk coffee commented: "basically it's all too light in milk", "feeling like drinking plain boiled water", "lighter than usual fragrant white", "coffee taste is too weak". Some netizens who are used to the original concentrated taste of Starbucks can't help but wonder if the clerk didn't add coffee or made the wrong recipe after tasting the new product. "it just tastes like milk!" .

To tell you the truth, if the shop assistant operates normally, but the customer complains that the Starbucks clerk is wrong because the golden baked milk coffee is not as strong as the original milk coffee, then the shop assistant is still a little wrong.

Some consumers think that the "coffee flavor" is not strong enough, which may mean that the golden roasted milk coffee does not taste bitter, and the reason for this is not that the clerk made the wrong recipe, but because the roasting degree of coffee beans leads to changes in the flavor of coffee concentrate.

The bitterness in the deep baking concentrate is strong, and the milk taste after blending with the milk can not completely cover the bitter taste in the coffee concentrate, so it will have a strong "coffee flavor" to drink. While the golden roasting series uses shallow roasted beans, the concentrated bitter taste will become lighter, and the sweet and sour coffee itself will become obvious, so the golden baking series of milk coffee will not taste thick enough and have no obvious scorched bitterness. on the contrary, the milk taste is more prominent.

However, if you are introduced by a Starbucks clerk that gold baking concentration is a new low-cause bean, you will give feedback to Starbucks. After all, shallow baking concentration and low-cause concentration are not the same thing.

Many studies have shown that the factors that affect the caffeine content in a cup of coffee are coffee variety, planting altitude, brewing method, brewing time and so on, but the roasting degree of coffee beans does not affect the caffeine content. If some netizens think that deep-roasted coffee is more refreshing than light-roasted coffee, it may be subconsciously that thick-tasting bitter coffee is more refreshing.

So gold roasted espresso is not decaf, and whether it has "coffee flavor" is not a measure of decaf. Those who want to try should not be fooled by Starbucks clerks.

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