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Netizen: expensive! Coffee utensils are coffee industry intelligence tax!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop nowadays more and more people will try to make a cup of coffee at home. For coffee rookies, those who want to enter the coffee door need to buy a lot of equipment, such as those who like to drink coffee by hand, they must buy bean grinders, hand pots, filter cups and points.

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Nowadays, more and more people will try to make a cup of coffee at home. For coffee rookies, those who want to enter the coffee door need to buy a lot of equipment, such as those who like to drink hand-brewed coffee. It is necessary to buy bean grinders, hand pots, filter cups, sharing pots, etc., while people who like espresso will buy coffee machines, powder hammers, handles and so on. You might consider buying a handy flower jar.

In short, if you want to get started, coffee rookies start their coffee trips by buying equipment. As soon as they open the shopping software to search for "coffee utensils", the price of the equipment that pops up on the platform is staggering.

There are tens of thousands of professional equipment related to coffee making and tens of thousands of non-professional equipment. Friends with insufficient budgets will be persuaded to quit as soon as they see the price and give up their hobbies.

But there are also careful netizens found that many coffee utensils for a search term, the price of goods may become different. For example, some friends want to buy a coffee dish and find that it costs hundreds of yuan for a certain brand of coffee, but if the search term is changed to "ceramic tea plate", the price becomes a few yuan, and there is not much difference in shape and function between the two.

In addition, sharing pots, filter paper racks, cloth powder dispensers and so on are also coffee utensils that many friends think are too expensive. Therefore, when friends need coffee sharing pots, they choose cheaper experimental beakers instead, filter paper racks are replaced by similar shaped storage boxes, needle cloth powder dispensers are needed to buy cloth powder needles with the same function and lower price, and clever people can also use toothpicks to make an ultra-simple cloth powder needle. It doesn't cost extra money, but the effect of cloth powder is not much worse than that of cloth powder needle.

Many friends have also found that when searching for "coffee utensils" on shopping platforms, the price is generally slightly higher than alternatives with similar materials and similar functions, and some cups and utensils are even exactly the same, but because of the word "coffee" in the prefix, the price has more than doubled.

Netizens laugh at themselves, "coffee man's money is really easy to make", "businessmen are stupid people have a lot of money".

For many home-made coffee lovers, the original intention of buying coffee utensils may be more to experience the fun of doing it yourself, and when they are at a loss, they will inevitably be fascinated by all kinds of dazzling coffee utensils. Some coffee rookies may also follow the trend to buy some utensils and utensils that may not be used later.

Do not deny the truth of "a penny for a penny", some coffee equipment is indeed high price and quality will be better, but some coffee utensils can also choose replacement money according to their own use and needs. In this way, the money saved can also be used where money is really needed.

After all, the money of coffee lovers is not from the strong wind, and they only drink by themselves, and if there is no need to take pictures, we can not be fastidious and use ping to satisfy our interests.

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