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I lose my appetite! Manner outdoor sofa becomes a "mushroom hotbed"!

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Now the next coffee shop wants to attract passers-by, in addition to its own product quality, store decoration also takes a lot of thought, whether it is a private coffee shop or the stores of various chain coffee brands. as a result, the decoration style of the coffee shop is diversified, with a retro atmosphere and a simple and exquisite style to add charm to the store and attract passers-by with a decoration style that fits the brand image.

As a result, some coffee shops have become a choice for young people to take photos and sign in because of their careful location and chic store decoration. For example, Manner Xuhui Binjiang Store has become one of the netizens' photo clocking stores after opening for business because of its beautiful scenery and exquisite decoration of the store.

However, when a customer went to the Manner Xuhui Binjiang Store recently, they wanted to have a rest on the sofa in the outdoor open area on the second floor and drink a cup of coffee while enjoying the scenery along the river. when they arrived on the second floor, they noticed that the sofa cushions placed outdoors were moldy and could soon grow mushrooms!

After a turn, the customer found that there were not only sofas in the Manner store, there were different stains on the cushions of chairs, four doors on the second floor were broken, and the Manner sign standing at the door was also stained with rust. After a walk around, the customer's good mood for a cup of coffee was consumed by the bad environment in the store.

When Manner and Zumarong perfume jointly signed last November, Manner Xuhui Binjiang was built into a gingerbread man-themed store. The beautifully decorated store with lovely gingerbread man decoration once attracted netizens to sign in and participate in the event. During the joint event, there was a long line at the door, and many beautiful photos posted by netizens can also be seen on the social platform.

However, in three months' time, there were all kinds of damage to the facilities in the store, and the store environment was startling. For netizens who went to the store to sign in for consumption, such a store environment not only affected the current mood, but also made people question the operation and management ability of Manner, which has exceeded 1200 stores, and made consumers feel worried and uneasy about the hygiene of the store.

After seeing the photo of the customer, netizens took part in the discussion, arguing that Manner's outdoor facilities lacked daily maintenance and were not repaired or replaced in time after problems, giving consumers a very bad consumer experience and not conducive to store image and brand promotion.

Although consumers choose Manner to pay more attention to the quality of Manner coffee and feel that Manner coffee is delicious and cost-effective, a door that cannot be opened and a moldy sofa may consume consumers' expectations and favor of the brand, and even discourage new customers who want to sign in and try.

Instead of asking a store that has been operating for more than two years to be as new and beautiful as it was when it started, consumers think that Manner stores should at least maintain basic cleanliness and proper use of facilities, rather than walking around the outdoor area and not finding a sofa that dares to sit down.

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