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Huh? Frozen pear coffee?! The people of Benerbin have heard of it for the first time!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently New Year's Day set off a wave of tourism fever again, the scenery of northeast China has entered the public view against the snow, making the industrial city Harbin one of the hot tourist cities discussed on the Internet at the beginning of 24 years. But for most of the south,

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New Year's Day set off another wave of tourism fever not long ago, and the scenery of Northeast China has entered the public view against the snow, making Harbin one of the most popular tourist cities on the Internet at the beginning of 24 years.

But for most southerners, there are many inadaptable places to travel to the northeast, such as the cold weather in the northeast, dishes that are completely different from those in the south, and so on. In order to make southern tourists feel at home, enthusiastic Harbin people have also made some attempts and changes, so that southern tourists from afar can better feel the local scenery and characteristics of Harbin.

One of the bold attempts made by the people of Harbin is to combine frozen pears, a northeast food, with coffee, which is now popular with young people, and launched a special coffee limited in winter-frozen pear coffee.

Frozen pear, also known as frozen autumn pear, is a special food in northeast China. The practice is to freeze the ordinary white pear into black. When you want to eat it, you can put it into cold water to thaw it. After softening, you can peel off the pear and suck out the juice directly with your mouth when the frozen pear is especially soft.

On the other hand, frozen pear coffee is made of frozen pears into smoothies and then sprinkled with Italian concentrate. The mellow taste of coffee is paired with ice-cold and sweet frozen pear smoothie, which amazed many southern tourists for the first time and shocked many people in the northeast.

Southern tourists who have not been there yet:

". No, no, no. No, no, no. I was fascinated by this coffee," this looks really delicious "," you don't say, very excited "," I really want to drink it. "imagine that this coffee tastes good.

The people of the Northeast who have just learned about this:

"I was frozen. Jpg,"Liaoning, silly", "I still know on the Internet that there is such a way to eat", "this can also …... the local natives expressed shock," and "I look very ignorant."

People who have tried frozen pear coffee:

"Frozen pear smoothie with coffee. If you order this cup, you have to send a map guide to the toilet with a radius of 50 miles nearby."it's super delicious! I stayed in Harbin for three days and drank three cups!" "this frozen pear coffee was delicious a long time ago" and "delicious".

According to local netizens in Northeast China, frozen pear coffee has appeared in cafes in northeastern cities such as Harbin and Shenyang a few years ago, with different practices, including the use of frozen pear juice with cold extract, and the above-mentioned practice of frozen pear smoothies with concentration. "it's nothing new."

It's just that frozen pear coffee, which has not caused a storm before, has suddenly become a coffee in the northeast, which has really caught the local people by surprise. So much so that netizens said: "Frozen pear itself did not expect to enter the hall of elegance". "Frozen pear has been in such a beautiful place for generations."

It's hard not to be tempted to drink such a cup of creative coffee with local characteristics in winter snow-capped Harbin.

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