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Lucky employee: Great! My hand is saved!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop often says "new year new weather," but for most people, the new year may not have anything new to change it, the work to continue to work, the study to continue to learn, the earth normal turn, the day as usual. However, for lucky friends,

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It is often said that "the new atmosphere of the New year", but for most people, there may be no new changes in the new year, the work should continue to work, the study should continue to study, the earth will turn normally, and the days will go on as usual.

However, for lucky friends, they will probably be able to experience the "new atmosphere of the new year", because last night, lucky friends received a notice about the adjustment of the standard of hand washing issued by Ruixing operator.

Last year, "Lucky Barista's Bad hand pain" went viral, drawing netizens' attention to the trouble of Lucky employees washing their hands. According to media reports, Lucky employees wash their hands at least eight times a day according to eight hours of work, that is, they wash their hands once an hour. Coupled with the number of times they wash their hands at other times, Lucky employees actually wash their hands much more than eight times a day.

Frequent hand washing causes most Lucky employees to suffer from skin allergies. Some employees choose to leave because they can't stand such frequent hand washing, and there are also complaints from Ruixing employees on social platforms. As a result, Ruixing issued a notice last night to change the original "washing hands every hour" to "washing hands every two hours" to reduce the frequency of hand washing among Lucky employees, which will be implemented from January 8.

The lucky friends who received the notice wanted to set off a few fireworks to celebrate, "the end of the day", "Ruiren ecstasy", "this is really a happy thing for lucky workers,"the first happy thing in 2024", "I wanted to resign, but when I saw this, I wanted to do it again."

Happy, many lucky friends also thanked the reporter who had been "undercover" and reported the matter, "wish the living Bodhisattva to make a fortune." It can be seen that the small adjustment of Rui Lucky standard is such a happy thing for all of you.

However, after reading the notice, some lucky friends feel that the adjustment of the frequency standard of hand washing in the notice is of little significance. "it would be better to change the frequency to the same as the time of a big task." no, no, no. Every two hours is meaningless "," once on the hour, once at half a time, it seems to have changed but not changed. "

For stores with guest areas, the rules for half-hour inspection remain unchanged, and they still have to go back to wash their hands after inspecting the guest areas. although the frequency of hand-washing has been reduced after adjustment, the number of hand-washing is still on the high side after a day's actual work.

Lucky has always been strict in its treatment of food safety, so it is possible to say that Lucky is not tasty, but not that Lucky is not clean. This rigorous attitude towards food hygiene has also become one of the reasons why Ruixing is deeply liked by consumers.

Although the original regulations ensured food safety, they ignored the work experience of lucky partners, which led to the "pain of bad hands" once became a hot search. Therefore, on the premise that Ruixing continues to ensure the food safety of its drinks, the adjustment of the frequency standard of hand washing of Lucky employees takes care of the feelings of the employees. Perhaps after this adjustment, the "pain of bad hands" will only stay in last year. It won't be a hot search in the new year.

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