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Hot search on celebrity endorsements, coffee brand business war begins?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop this morning, Kudi announced a new spokesman and went to the new perimeter, which successfully attracted a large number of fans to place orders for their stars, for fear that they would not be able to grab the perimeter too late, which also led to the explosion of orders in many Kudi stores and even had to be closed temporarily because of too many orders.

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This morning, Kudi official Xuanxin spokesman and the new related perimeter successfully attracted a large number of fans to place orders for their stars, fearing that they would not be able to grab the perimeter too late, which also led to the explosion of orders in many Kudi stores and even had to close temporarily because of too many orders.

Shortly after this "exuberant wealth" fell on Cudy's head, the entry # Ruixing Motorcycle Sister exclusive # briefly rushed to the top of the hot search, and many onlookers were unknown and expressed shock. Isn't it a new spokesman for Cudy? Why does it have anything to do with Lucky? According to netizens, "Motorcycle Sister" claims to be fans of the star, while the group-buying link in Ruixing's live broadcast room this afternoon uses "Motorcycle Sister exclusive" as a prefix, causing some fans to mistakenly think that their stars endorse Ruixing and issue orders to buy group-buying coupons.

In view of this situation, Rui Lucky has not issued a statement officially, and the relevant links posted by netizens can not be found in the studio.

Many netizens think that this is a business war led by Lucky, and its purpose is to rub off a wave of celebrity traffic and rob guests of the opposite home. Some netizens think that it may be a play directed and performed by fans in order to create momentum for their own stars.

But in either case, this hot search is enough to let people see the influence of traffic stars, and this is exactly what the brand wants, a promotion that does not cost too much but can be on the hot search.

In 2023, various coffee chains are conducting joint activities with popular IP, luxury brands, gallery and so on, thus launching a variety of peripherals, attracting many passers-by who do not drink coffee to stop, and the surge in consumption of "buying a horse for a pearl" has virtually expanded the influence of the brand.

However, this marketing model will give consumers a sense of fatigue that "joint activities have been buying all year", so that at the end of the year, the brand's joint event failed to set off as much spray as it did at the beginning of the year. the situation of queuing for purchases and store orders is not the same as before.

When the role of promotion methods such as price war and joint activities in drainage weakens, while the competition becomes more and more fierce and the volume intensifies, brands begin to change their thinking and focus on fans who are willing to pay for endorsement stars.

Former K Coffee, Starbucks, Ruixing and so on have successfully attracted a wave of star fans to sign in for consumption after announcing their spokesmen. Unlike the consumer groups in order to co-sign, fans will not give up spending until the endorsement relationship between the star and the brand is broken.

From this point of view, compared with the consumer groups who "buy money and return pearls" for a while, fans of high-hot stars seem to continue to buy brand products because of the endorsements of stars, and this group is more likely to be increased by celebrities. this is also lacking in the consumer groups around the joint name.

Perhaps in the new year, there will be a long line of fans waiting in front of a coffee shop to take photos with the human form of a star, scrambling to buy the surrounding area of the joint name, but this way of brand promotion, will consumers only remember a star and ignore the coffee drink itself?

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