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The whole people fight against sugar! Lucky took the dirty off the shelves?!

Published: 2024-06-25 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow | on the last day of last year, the Singapore government issued the latest regulation of "Sugar restriction order", requiring all drinks (including packaged drinks and currently mixed drinks) to be labeled with four different nutrition levels and sugar content corresponding to ABCD, prompting merchants to do so.

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On the last day of last year, the Singapore government introduced the latest regulation of the Sugar restriction order, requiring all beverages, including packaged drinks and currently mixed drinks, to put on four different nutrition levels and sugar content labels corresponding to ABCD, prompting merchants to put on new "listed" menus overnight for consumers' reference.

Since the start of the "anti-sugar campaign" in Singapore, when ordering, entering the detailed page of drinks and checking their nutrition level labels has also become a knee-jerk move for many people before paying the bill.

Do not see do not know, a look startled, many netizens found that their favorite coffee is actually "the most unhealthy", as high as 910% sugar content, directly classified as C or D grade. On social platforms, how to grade each other's popular science and discuss the specific grade of the familiar drink has also become a hot topic among Singaporean Chinese.

Perhaps because of the conjecture that the implementation of the "anti-sugar policy" will have a certain impact on consumers' purchase decisions, some netizens have found that many chain brands have made different adjustments in their menus or raw materials intentionally or unintentionally.

Singapore's national milk tea brand KOI The directly announced that it had lowered the sugar content of its drinks, because without adjusting the original sugar content, most of the drinks on the menu could hardly avoid the "D grade", which is considered the most unhealthy. In that case, it is likely to directly affect everyone's desire for consumption.

Mr coconut, another local smoothie brand, has a reduced sugar version of the lite series, which greatly reduces the amount of sugar used. At the same time, individual drinks replace sugar raw materials with edible sugar, or by reducing the amount of excipients (such as ice cream, pearls, etc.), but the adjustment of ingredients has also directly repelled many sweet consumers, repeatedly saying that it is not as good as the original.

In addition to milk tea shops, coffee brands are no exception. A careful comparison of netizens found that several Dirty models of Singapore Lucky "disappeared" directly from the menu, and even ice-sucking coconut lattes were removed from the shelves. However, there are still a large number of D drinks in the catalogue, such as raw coconut latte, velvet latte, cheese latte, bayberry Reina ice and so on.

With regard to the mandatory division of nutrition level labels in Singapore, many consumers agree that different color labels have a great impact, so that people who lose weight and have high sugar intake can consciously choose grade An or B beverages. in order to achieve effective sugar control in life.

However, because the algorithm of this grade label contains not only sugar content, but also the proportion of saturated fat, many sugar-free milk drinks have no choice but to "lie down" and are forced to "lower". As a result, many consumers believe that since non-sugary drinks such as pure milk and sugar-free lattes are also marked as Class C, this label is of little reference value for people who don't drink sugary drinks very often.

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